Department Chairperson of Surgery-外科主任-上海市长宁区-01016

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Department Chairperson of Surgery-外科主任-上海市长宁区-01016

Primary Responsibilities:
Submit written reports to the MAB (Medical Advisory Board) concerningthe findings of the department's patient care evaluation and monitoringactivities (e.g., Peer Review cases) and any resulting actions;
Manages surgery services. Formulates plans and procedures for surgeryservices. Schedules operations and assigns surgeons, nurses, and medicaltechnicians. Directs nurses in procedures for preoperative andpostoperative care of patients and operating room techniques. Advises onkind and quantity of supplies and equipment. Coordinates surgeryservices with other medical activities.
Make recommendations for maintaining and improving the quality of careprovided in the department and the hospital, and any other matters theMAB considers appropriate for reports;
Develop and implement departmental programs, in cooperation with the CMOand other committees as assigned by the CMO for:
Evaluation of patient care,
Growth of the department,
Increasing complexity and advancing the level of medical care providedby the department,
Ongoing monitoring of clinical practice,
Credentials and privileges review,
Medical education, and
Utilization review;
As a member of the MAB, provide input on medical policies of thehospital, and make specific recommendations regarding her or his owndepartment;
Continuously review the performance of all physicians with clinicalprivileges and specified services in the department, and regularlyreport the findings of such reviews to CMO, the MAB, and the qualityimprovement committee;
Transmit recommendations concerning clinical privileges, specifiedservices, or corrective action with respect to physicians in thedepartment to the MAB and the CMO;
Appoint and designate chairs for any intradepartmental committees thatare necessary for conducting department functions;
Enforce medical staff bylaws, rules, regulations, and policies withinthe department, and initiate investigations of clinical performance ororder consultations, when necessary;
Implement any actions taken by the MAB and/or the board within thedepartment;
Participate in every phase of administration in the department, such ascooperating with nursing services and administration in mattersaffecting patient care, including personnel, supplies, specialregulations, standing orders, and techniques;
Assist in the preparation of quarterly reports pertaining to thedepartment, including budgetary planning reports, as required by theMAB, the General Manager of the hospital, or the board;
Act as the lead (with assistance of the CMO and the Human Resourcesdepartment) in medical staff recruiting;
Perform any other duties as may be requested by the CMO, the MAB, or theGoverning Body
As Chairperson for the department, EMPLOYEE is entitled to take 10% ofwork time for administrative duties.
Board Certified (or equivalent) in Surgery

Education and/or Experience:
Doctor of medicine degree (or equivalent) from an approved school ofmedicine
Minimum three years of residency training in surgery at a hospital andprogram acceptable to the Chief Medical Officer
Minimum 3-5 years experience at an clinical administrative levelpreferred

Language Skills:
Fluency in English required
Chinese fluency not required but preferred
General Statement of Duties:
The Chairperson of Surgery acts as the primary medical administrativeofficer for his or her department. He/she is responsible for alladministrative and medical activities occurring within their departmentsand must account for departmental performance — especially anyidentified problems.
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