Orthopedic Rehab Physician 高年资骨科康复医生-北京-01027

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Orthopedic Rehab Physician 高年资骨科康复医生-北京-01027

• Work as part of the Section or Department team to contribute to thecare of patients within the scope of service of that Section orDepartment, and contribute to the overall strategy of the Section,Department and Hospital.
• Work to goals and targets as set by the Department / Sectionleaders;完成部门的目标
• Comply with regulatory requirements as required by the Department /Section. 服从部门的相关规定
• See patients in a timely manner.有效的完成病人诊疗服务
• Complete all required paper and electronic documentation.完成所有要求的电子或纸质档案
• Contribute to developing pathways and clinical guidelines in acollaborative manner, and ensure compliance with them;完善临床流程和指导规范
• Develop and use patient education material;完善病人教育相关材料
• Lead quality monitoring and quality improvement programs 提高质量安全管理
• Participate as required in the clinical case reviewprocess.参与临床病例讨论,给出专业意见,完成相应流程
• Actively be involved in resolving patient complaints.积极处理病人投诉
• Work closely with the marketing department to market the Department.与市场部紧密合作,推广科室服务
• Comply with all UFH policies, rules, regulations, and policies withinthe Section / Department, in particular compliance with mandatorytraining requirements and CME attendance. 保持部门与和睦家医疗的制度,规定等一致,合规性与培训系统。
• Attend Section / Department / Hospital meetings as required.根据要求参加科室会议
• Where relevant, support UFH Centers, including research, training,disaster relief, and primary care. 支持和睦家医疗项目,如:研究,培训等
• Where relevant, assist in new development projects. 参与和发展医院或科室的新项目
• Perform any other duties as may be requested by the Section chief orDepartment chair 完成其他本科室主任分配的工作

• Master of Medicine degree (or equivalent) from an approved school ofmedicine 硕士以上学历
• Board Certified (or equivalent) in Rehabilitation Medicine orOrthopedic Medicine 骨科临床背景或骨康复经验
• In possession of an active Chinese Medical License 拥有有效的行医执照
• Minimum 3-5 years of previous experience at a clinical administrativelevel preferred; 有行政管理经验者优先
• Previous leadership positions held in similar sized (or larger)environment 三甲医院工作经验
Education and Experience: Knowledge and Skills:
• Must be a full member of the Medical Staff as defined in the MedicalStaff By-Laws;
• Fluency in English and Chinese. 可适应英语工作环境
Lead, Manage and Administer the Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitationin Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital. The DepartmentChairperson acts as the primary medical administrative officer for hisor her department. She is responsible for all administrative and medicalactivities occurring within Orthopedic Rehabilitation departments andmust account for departmental performance — especially any identifiedproblems.
  • 康复医学,骨外科学

  • 硕士

  • 经验不限


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