General Dentist 牙科医生-北京-01054

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General Dentist 牙科医生-北京-01054

1. Performing clinical duties as general practitioner (i.e.comprehensive examination, x-rays, restoratives, root canal treatment,extractions, crown and bridges, scaling, teeth whitening and etc.) toadults and children
2. Maintaining a steady flow of patients by overseeing day-to-daybooking and by monitoring patient recalls
3. Training and managing staff to maintain a high standard of dentalcare in a warm and friendly environment
4. Dealing with any patient complaints that may arise as a result ofdental treatment, miscommunication, billing, etc.
5. Participating community activities to promote dental care
• Attending practice on some weekends including Sundays
• Practicing not only limited to BJU, but need to cover clinics asrequired
1. Minimum of 5 years of clinical experience.
2. Minimum Education Requirement: DDS, DMD or equivalent degrees.
3. Certificate or Licensing Needed- DDS/DMD or Chinese Licenseequivalence and Chinese License from Beijing, China
4. Excellent knowledge of the English language.
5. Ability to train dental assistants.
6. International work experience.
7. Ability to overcome culture barriers.
8. Excellent patient rapport.
Provide diagnosis and treatment of the conditions of the mouth, gums andteeth. Also provide patients with advice and recommendations to preventfuture oral health issues.
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  • 6-10年

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