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Psychiatrist 精神科医生-北京-01098

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1. Works with Director of the Center to ensure adequate coverage andcontinuity of care
2. Provides the same level of service regardless of patient background.
3. Keeps adequate and timely progress notes and client records.
4. Complies with regulations and standards of performance for qualitycare
5. Participation in regular on-call rotation (or back-up if part-time)
6. Participates in professional development efforts to keep current onhealth care trends and practices
7. Maintains strictest confidentiality
8. Attends Weekly Departmental Case Conference
1. Medical Degree from an accredited institution
2. Residency training in an accredited institution
3. Training or experience doing cross-cultural psychiatry
4. Active licensure in state, province, or country of origin or pastresidence.

1. Skill in psychopharmacology and counseling
2. Skill in exercising initiative, judgment, problem solving,decision-making.
3. Skill in gathering and analyzing data
4. Skill in researching, preparing and presenting comprehensive reports
5. Ability to work effectively with patients, medical and administrativestaff, and the public
6. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally
7. Works cooperatively with medical and counseling center staff
8. Level headed, even-tempered and reliable
9. Flexible and friendly

1. Current standards of practice in psychiatry
2. Medical records, medical dictation, medical communications system.
3. Psychiatric record-keeping
4. Psychiatric inpatient treatment, crisis intervention
This position is to cover BJU & Clinics.
Main responsibilities is to provide outpatient and inpatientpharmacotherapy and counseling, coordinates mental health cases, keepsaccurate counseling and medical records.
The Psychological Health Center at Beijing United Family Hospital andClinics (BJU) is dedicated to providing patients with the necessarytools to improve the quality of your life. Our highly trained, licensedprofessionals have a broad range of specialties.

We provide consultation, assessment, and treatment to individuals,adults, children, couples, or families. Treatment is available for mooddisorders, relationship and parenting issues, loss and bereavementconcerns, and educational and developmental needs.

In addition, our center works in the corporate world to help employeesmaximize their professional and individual development. We offerindividual coaching to improve managerial skills. We also consult withcompanies to develop and maintain Employee Assistance Programs.
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