Medical Writing Specialist / Manager

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Medical Writing Specialist / Manager

Position Title: Medical Writing Specialist / Manager

Location: Shanghai

The Specialist, supporting Asia-Pacific Medical Communications (APMC)China, is responsible for proactive customer and vendor interaction andperforms as a partner to accomplish the objectives of the medicalcommunications team. This requires a clear understanding of the teamstrategy and the activities necessary to meet team goals such asworkflow management and document assignments. Additionally, theSpecialist will proactively lead and project manage outsourcedscientific documents or materials (eg, right to operate regulatorydocuments, slide kits). The Specialist also establishes appropriatebusiness relationships and acts as a single point of contact for vendorsand customers of the medical communications team.
Primary customers include but are not limited to APMC, Medical, Safety,Regulatory, Marketing, Legal, Clinical Pharmacology, and externalcustomers such as Investigators, Opinion Leaders, and vendors worldwide.
1. Scientific Communications Support (30%) • Use creativity tointroducing new tools, processes, and structure to accomplish broaderorganizational goals and meet standards while providing solutions tostreamline team workflow.
• Improve document processes by establishing uniformcross-organizational practices; suggest process or tool enhancements toimprove effectiveness and minimize redundancy between databases andother tools.
• Serve as a resource for others associated with documentprocess/products and be an expert on specifications, timelines, andprocess.
2. Scientific Communications Document Development (35%)
• Provide direct editorial and project management support, and/oroversee vendors to support, the planning, editing, and timely submissionof scientific documents including: formatting, proofreading, andconducting literature searches, working with the writing team toestablish and track key milestone timelines; editing documents forstyle/usage and content; obtaining and processing copyright transfer andauthorship agreements; verifying data and references for accuracy;creating figures and diagrams, writing cover letters to journal editorsand submitting manuscripts, and coordinating and/or conductingtranslation validation.
• Own the processes for document submission along with all associatedfinal steps in the submission of publications and the delivery ofregulatory documents to the regulatory function, acting as a singlepoint of contact for regulatory operations and publishing groups.
• Accountable for achieving timelines by managing support activitiesefficiently and proactively; utilize ability to understand and applyteam communication strategies to work products.
• Ensure poster and presentation materials are present at scientificmeetings; own finalization steps for submission to scientific meetingsand journals.
• Responsible for the end-to-end creation of materials using varioussoftware programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Sigma Plot, and internalsystems such as Leo, Libra, Datavision, and LillyNet (SharePoint).
• Coach new Medical Communication Specialists or others requiringdevelopment in core areas.
3. Database Management & Maintenance (35%)
• Track document metrics across groups as assigned by the supervisor(e.g., budget, documents completed, publication plans and outcomes).
• Manage Datavision, including performing data steward responsibilities.
• Manage logistics for Business and Scientific Disclosure Planning,including current and emerging technologies impacting businessprocesses.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:
 Master degree in Medial Science equivalent, overseas educationexperience preferred.
 Strong communication skills in English and local language(s),including written and verbal communication (including IELTS[International English Language Test System], TOEFL [Test of English asa Foreign Language], and/or TOEIC [Test of English for InternationalCommunication] scores if available).
 Demonstrated ability to communicate and negotiate solutions to complextechnical challenges with cross-functional colleagues, external vendorsand customers.
 Demonstrated project management and time management skills.
 Cognitive abilities, including verbal reasoning, attention to detail,critical thinking, and analytical ability.
 Interpersonal skills and the ability to be flexible in varyingenvironments.
 Ability to utilize high-level end-user computer skills (e.g., wordprocessing, tables and graphics, spreadsheets, presentations andtemplates).
 Ability to work well independently and as part of a team, within andacross culturally and geographically diverse environments.
 Proven ability to assemble, share and apply key learnings acrossmultiple projects
Other Information/Additional Preferences:
 Specialized knowledge of editing & proofreading techniques.
 Limited travel, up to approximately 10%.
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