Service Line Director for Oncology 肿瘤治疗服务销售总监-Beijing-01146

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Service Line Director for Oncology 肿瘤治疗服务销售总监-Beijing-01146

- Interacts and works closely with multiple hospital departments tosuccessfully complete tasks including, Marketing, HR, Finance (able tokeep track of costs and revenues attributed to program), Insurance(including pre-authorization, coding and coverage).
- Works with the management team to set both short and long term goalsfor Oncology, patient care, monitors individual staff performance andoverall department performance.
- Coordinates the oncology program with new initiatives in othermarkets.
- Works closely with marketing dept to ensure marketing/CRM activitiesare carried out as defined.
- Ensures the continuity of patient care with other hospitals
- Supports communication between healthcare providers of Oncology withother hospitals and government agencies require.
- Prepares and submits meeting reports in a timely manner,
- Keep the management abreast of the effort in marketing and promotionof patient services
- Medical liaison between the new hope center and Chinese hospitals inpartnership for the green channels;
- Introduce Short term or part time consultants to medical director andhelp with MAB’s privilege approval to ensure the clinical coverage atthe oncology service
- Patient complain or quality concern regarding medical service
- Other duties as assigned by market CEO.
The qualified person must have motivation and dedication in the areas ofmarket development, and the ability to work with people inside andoutside UFH.. The ability to work in a cross-cultural environment withproven skills in being able to plan, organize, and coordinate workprojects as needed, ensuring appropriate data gets to the BJU CEO in atimely manner. The ability to gather, assemble, analyze and evaluatedata and other relevant information in order to draw reasonable and fairconclusions, and make recommendations accordingly. Able to interpret andapply relevant laws, regulations and legal precedents that may impactdecisions. Experience in managing and maintaining comprehensive recordsand reports, preparing clear and concise written and verbal reports inboth English and Mandarin Chinese; effective communication skills, bothverbal and written in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and the abilityto establish, develop and maintain effective working relationships atall levels within the organization and within central and nationalGovernment leadership as necessary. Needs to be comfortable in a teamenvironment capacity as well as presenting at senior level whenrequired. Financial Management and reporting skills essential. Theservice director should have good skills and ability to attend to morethan one task at the same time. He or she should be aware of currentmedical treatment trends as well as understand hospital management andpolicy development.
Knowledge of the Chinese healthcare regulatory environment is essential.Have a complete understanding of the services that the hospital providesand the level of standards that they strive for. Experience andawareness of hospital network policies and procedures in relation tobusiness development and project management.
The Service Line Director for Oncology is responsible for promoting theoverall coordination and development of the Oncology Service Line. Itincludes marketing, developing a competitive business and promotingpatient services in oncology. ,To achieve this goal, it requiresmaintaining good relation with. internal departments, governmentagencies, and healthcare institutions and organizations.
The United Family New Hope Clinical Center is conveniently located justone block away from Beijing United Family Hospital’s main campus. As thefirst healthcare facility of its kind in China, the New Hope ClinicalCenter embodies a pioneering approach to multidisciplinary care andhouses our Oncology, Psychological Health, and Traditional ChineseMedicine specialties all under one roof.
The New Hope Clinical Center provides integrated, international-standardhealthcare in a warm and caring patient-oriented environment, and is thefirst healthcare facility in China to receive the Leadership in Energyand Environmental Design (LEED) certification, making it the first truly‘green’ member of our UFH network.
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