Director of Marketing and Customer Care-营销总监和客户服务 - 北京 - 01177

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Director of Marketing and Customer Care-营销总监和客户服务 - 北京 - 01177

1. Responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies tomeet organizational objectives.
2. Guide marketing division on marketing strategy, designing hospitalbrochures, posting and editing content on the hospital's website.
3. Identifying specialty practices that or physicians who can helpincrease marketing value for the hospitals.
4. Evaluates customer research, market conditions, competitor data andimplements marketing plan changes as needed. Oversees all marketing,advertising and promotional staff and activities.
5. Plan programs and events that build relationships between healthcarepersonnel, channel and patients.
6. To manage the Marketing Department Budget. Delivery of all marketingactivity within agree budget. Direction of marketing staff where budgetsare devolved.
7. Build trust, value others, communicate effectively, dive execution,foster innovation, focus on the customer, collaborate with others, solveproblems creatively and demonstrate high integrity.
8. Proactively establish and maintain effective working teamrelationships with all support departments.
9. Actively study, proposal and involve in any kind of academic events,business functions, compounds events etc.
10. Initiated business develpment plan based on marketing research, workout clear develpment plan.
11. Help on any kind of presentations, education tool kits for hospitaland marketing activities.
12. Proposal and set-up strategic alliances with miportant partnerswithin the medical industry.
13. Any other activities related to marketing, patient experience andbusiness develpment.
1. Good knowledge on medical terminology and rehabilitation services.
2. Good on strategic plan and implementation tactics.
3. Knowledge on industry trend and foreseen the develpment direction
4. Media and risk management skill
5. Market research, intelligent information collection and assessment
6. Healthcare markeing,promotion and PR
7. Excellent knowledge on WOM services and rehabilitation services.
8. Good on observe and understanding customer behavior.
9. Be able to decode market research and statistics, as well as identifynew markets and opportunities for their hospitals.
10. Know SOX principle on customer registration.
1. Create and implement marketing stategy and plans for hospitals andrehabilitation services in line with UFH and BJU marketing strategy.
2. Develop and implement customer development strategy, existed customerservices tactics in short term and long term perspective.
3. Building and manage front line operation a success WOM system.
4. Building and maintain a good coordination system on proactive channeland patient care activities to make share outsourcing medical resourcesand customer a positive experience in hospital.
United Family Hospitals & Clinics is a pioneering, internationalstandard healthcare organization in China, our sole mission is toprovide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warmand caring patient and family service-oriented environment.
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