CSSD Technician 中央供应室技师 -上海-00423

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CSSD Technician 中央供应室技师 -上海-00423

1. Following CSSD Policy and Procedure, ensure all of sterile packs ineffect day; ensure all packs keeping in proper place; ensure all sterilepack has been enough storage; ensure all sterile consumables in effectday.
2. Cleaning packing and processing of surgical /medical instruments withgood function. Be sure that all instruments have been thoroughlydecontaminated, disinfected and sterilized.
3. Perform relevant physical, chemical and biological test to supervisethe quality and effectiveness of all the autoclaves.
4. A separate area should be used for the contaminated,non-sterilization, and sterilization.
5. Keep the sterile room clean & tidy. Eliminate the cross-contamination to prevent infection.
6. Monitoring all relate indictors, ensure that efficient sterilizationand filed in printer paper
7. Surveillance and ensure those hospital wide instruments be receivedand exchanged correctly. Providing a source of information to otherdepartments as needs.
8. Washing, sealing machines and autoclave should be clean weekly, andensure all functional well.
9. Preparation of surgical/medical supplies according to the schedulelist.
10. Maintaining inventory and storage of supplies twice a week, applydisinfection solution as needed.
1. High school education required
2. Three years nursing school graduated preferred
3. Independent working. Positive work attitude with sense of team workand ability to work between all departments
4. Basic English communication skill is a plus
5. Basic Nursing & Surgical knowledge preferred
Work for CSSD, the main responsibilities are to sterilizesurgical/medical instruments, consumables, prepare operational packs asrequired, CSSD, OR storage maintains, accomplish the tasks assigned byhead nurse.
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