Clinic Service Coordinator 门诊服务协调员-北京-00982

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Clinic Service Coordinator 门诊服务协调员-北京-00982

Provide standard customer services to patient. Provide onsite trainingfor new hires. Providing translation for patient’s communication betweendoctors. Perform primary patient service officer role to ensure patientsatisfaction rate increase in the clinic
1. Introduce hospital and department scope of services to patients in apleasant, helpful manner
2. Help patients to resolve registration, billing, insurance andaccounting when there is a needs
3. Provide assistance to doctors, nurses, cashiers, pharmacists andother staff in the department when needed to communicate effectivelywith patients
4. Work closely with the department staff to make sure the quality ofthe care provided to the patient.
5. Collects patient satisfaction survey data and prepares reports thatreflect the level of activity and relative satisfaction of the servicesprovided to patients
6. Understand hospital policy and procedure, implement the policy andstandard.
7. Be alive to new ideas which could benefit the department and deliverhigh quality service to patients
8. Ensure patient complaints are properly logged and acted upon bytrying to avoid any patient leaving the hospital dissatisfied.
9. Attend different level of meetings as required.
10. Provide translation services for Chinese client as needed.
11. Flexibility to be on call and work on weekends
12. Perform primary patient service officer role to ensure patientsatisfaction rate increase in the clinic.
13. Flexibility to be on call and work on weekends
14. Keep tracking all test result and cooperate with physician tosending(through e-mail/fax) or calling patient regarding test result
15. Participate in quality indicator collection and analyzing.
16. Keep track all referral report and cooperate with associatedepartment
17. Maintain and organize the test result/referral filing system.
18. Assist department chair and medical staff in quality improvement andto assure continuity of care being provided to all patients.
19. Attend different level of meetings as required.
20. Any other duty assignment as needed
1. Phone call discharge
2. Care coordination of the clinic and waiting area management.
3. Care coordination of complicated radiology procedures – communicationwith all medical staff including nurses,etc from other departments andradiology
1. Education Requirement- Nursing associate bachelor degree or above;Bachelor degree in Medical Science preferred
2. Certification from recognized college
3. Seven years above work experience, two years above Patient Servicesexperience
4. Previous experience in similar position desirable
5. Good computer skill, knowledgeable in Windows programs
6. Adheres to hospital confidentiality policy.
7. Fully understand the operation of ambulatory care clinic
8. Good computer skill, knowledgeable in Windows programs
9. Ability to understand, read and write medical terminology
10.Knowledge and insight into the local community in Beijing
11.Hospital or service organization background preferable
12. Ability to handle multiple tasks at one time
13. Ability to follow protocol, policies and procedures
14. Ability to understand medical terminology
15. Ability to organize and prioritize
16. In English and Chinese languages with particular importance ofexcellence in English language skills
17. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally withphysicians, nurses and support staff, and the most importantly, withpatients.
18. Skill in exercising initiative, judgment, problem solving.
19. Be flexible, and has strong team player
20. Excellent customer services skills with westerners and Chinesespeaking patients
21. Excellent computer skills (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
22. Professional telephone etiquette
23. Basic management and coaching skills
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