Chief Medical Officer, Rehabilitation Hospital, UFH-Beijing-01351

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Chief Medical Officer, Rehabilitation Hospital, UFH-Beijing-01351

1. Works with senior management to develop long-range plans andorganizational policies
2. Selects, trains/orients, and supervises departmental personnel.Responsible for work assignments and daily operations.
3. Evaluates performance and recommends merit increases, promotions, anddisciplinary actions
4. Ensures compliance with regulations and standards of performance forquality care
5. Ensures that patients are treated in a prompt and courteous manner bystaff
6. Participates actively in patient complaint procedures to resolveoperational problems
7. Attends required meetings and participates in committees as requested
8. Is an active member of the Medical Staff and regularly participatesin providing medical care to patients.
9. Participates in professional development efforts to keep current onhealth care trends and practices.
10. Maintains strictest confidentiality regarding patient andconfidential company information
11. Performs related work as required
1. Medical Degree from an accredited institution
2. Residency training in an accredited institution
3. At least ten years of experience in medical practice post training
4. At least five years of experience in similar leadership capacity suchas department head or Chief Medical Officer at another Rehabilitationinstitution.
5. Skill in planning, organizing and supervising
6. Skill in exercising initiative, judgment, problem solving,decision-making
7. Skill in gathering and analyzing data
8. Skill in researching, preparing and presenting comprehensive reports
9. Neuro-rehabilitation qualification and practice is a plus
10. Ability to work effectively with patients, medical andadministrative staff, and the public
11. Ability to communicate effectively in wiring and verbally
12. Dedicated to maintaining harmony and unity within the medical staff
13. Level headed, even-tempered and reliable
14. Flexible and friendly
15. Organizational policies, procedures, systems and objective.
16. Medical records, medical dictation, medical communications system.
17. Computer systems and applications.
18. Fiscal management and human resources management practices.

Directs, supervises and coordinates activities of medical staff andtheir departments and assists in making overall plans for the growth anddevelopment of Rehabilitation Hospital, UFH.



康复医疗服务范围: 神经康复, 骨科康复, 心脏康复, 孕期及产后康复, 儿童康复, 物理治疗, 作业治疗, 言语治疗, 认知康复, 假肢矫形,针灸, 水疗, 高压氧, 中医 (TCM).
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  • 经验不限







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