Chief Medical Officer-China-01352

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Chief Medical Officer-China-01352

• assist management in all matters related to the medical staff andhealth care issues;
• serve as liaison between the medical staff and management-specificallyrepresenting clinical interests to management;
• initiate, coordinate, and assist in ongoing medical staff/hospitalmanagement projects and activities;
• provide executive leadership and management services to the medicalstaff;
• assist the medical staff in achieving its short- and long-termobjectives by planning and overseeing the implementation of appropriateprograms;
• coordinate medical staff committee activities and provide appropriatestaff, leadership, and guidance for such activities;
• coordinate a system for patient care review that enables staffcommittees to monitor physician performance and the credentialscommittee to maintain appropriate physician privileges;
• direct a hospital-wide quality assurance/improvement (QA/I) program,which includes supervising the quality assurance/improvement (QA/I)department, if such a department exists;
• establish standards of performance and monitoring mechanisms for alldepartments, as part of the QA/I program;
• supervise the organization's utilization review activities to monitorand promote the efficient use of hospital resources;
• organize and chair a QA/I committee, as part of the QA/Iresponsibility, to audit and integrate all review activities, includingmedical staff committees, and to initiate corrective actions for anyidentified problems;
• assist the education committee with the continuing medical education(MEC) program by identifying the educational needs of the medical staffand other physicians in the geographic area and by designing andimplementing appropriate educational programs;
• develop and direct innovative programs for patient care and medicalmanagement, such as a medical staff leadership program, to benefit themedical staff, the hospital, and/or their customers;
• represent the hospital to outside agencies when appropriate, includingmaintaining a working relationship with professional revieworganizations' reasonable directives;
• manage external educational affiliation agreements, specifically,supervising educational programs and serving as the hospital liaisonwith those organizations providing educational services.
• coordinate the activities and concerns of administration, nursingservices, and other patient care services with those of the medicalstaff;
• communicate and represent the opinions, policies, concerns, needs, andgrievances of the medical staff to the board, president of theorganization, and other appropriate officials;
• enforce medical staff bylaws, rules, and regulations;
Performance Requirements:
The CMO assists the medical staff and hospital management in fulfillingtheir obligations to each other and their responsibilities to patientsfor the provision of quality care. The CMO works closely with otherphysician leaders, including department and committee chairs. He must beresponsive to the concerns and needs of medical staff members and isexpected to foster and contribute to a close and mutually beneficialrelationship between the medical staff and hospital management.
The CMO provides leadership and guidance to the medical staff andpromotes effective communication among the medical staff,administration, and the board of directors.
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