Bioprocess Engineer

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Bioprocess Engineer

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The Bioprocess Technology Development team is currently seeking a highlymotivated and energetic subject matter expert as a Senior Scientist,Bioprocess Engineer to drive innovation within the BioProcess Science(BPS) department of Novo Biotech Corp.
The main responsibilities are to develop creative methods, deliver newtechnologies and integrate cost-effective solutions to support processdevelopment teams (PD), as well as Production. The senior scientistwill work with a team of scientists responsible for driving innovationin areas such as but not limited to: Biological Vaccine ProcessDevelopment, Cell Culture, Upstream (e.g. optimization and Scale-up/Scale-down), Media Optimization, Downstream (e.g. Formulation andLyophilization).

 PhD in a relevant scientific discipline required plus multi yearsrelevant experience preferred.
 Must have the ability to operate and train team members on currentinstrumentation/equipment and learn then train new technology andconcepts.
 Excellent organizational, oral and written communication skills,including a customer-focused attitude
 An understanding of basic experimental objectives and experimentaldesign, including a successful track record of independently performingexperiments and consistently preparing accurate and completeexperimental records.
 The ability and desire to work comfortably in a fast paced teamsetting, collaborate with other groups and deliver results in line withproject and team objectives
 Strong microbial or/and mammalian cell culture-viral expertise.
 A thorough understanding of upstream (Batch, fed-batch, perfusionfed-batch) as well as downstream processes (TF/ATF filtration,ultra/Micro filtration, live cell/virus inactivation).
 Ability to work independently on projects with long-term goals.

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