Field Service Engineer - Life Sciences Job

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Field Service Engineer - Life Sciences Job

Role Summary/Purpose:
The Field Service Engineer will be responsible for meeting the dailyservice repair needs of the customer’s equipment and driving customersatisfaction through Service Excellence.
Essential Responsibilities:

• Basic troubleshooting, installation, maintenance and service repairneeds on Cell Analysis products.
• Completing Preventative Maintenance and Field ModificationInstructions.
• Ordering and managing repair parts cycle times.
• Keeping up to date on administrative responsibilities such asmaintaining customer service logs and internal service records in atimely manner.
• Maintaining daily communications with customers to ensure resolutionand proper follow-up, leading to customer satisfaction.
• Maintaining tools and test equipment properly and ensuring they arecalibrated.
• Meeting Health and Human Services, Environment Health and Safetyand/or other applicable regulatory requirements.
• Utilizing the escalation process to resolve customer service deliveryissues and conducting root cause analysis that will lead to effectiveproblem solving.
• Participating in sales opportunities such as contract renewals andassist with promoting and implementing revenue programs.
• Working as a member of the local team to provide efficient servicedelivery to all accounts within assigned area.
• May include training of clinical staff on designated equipment.
• Must be able to conduct work in native/home country language andEnglishQuality Specific Goals: 1. Aware of and comply with the GEHCQuality Manual, Quality Management System, Quality Management Policy,Quality Goals, and applicable laws and regulations as they apply to thisjob type/position 2. Complete all planned Quality & Compliancetraining within the defined deadlines 3. Identify and report allcustomer quality or compliance concerns immediately to the QualityOrganization. 4. Identify and report any personal quality or complianceconcerns immediately to the Quality Organization. 5. Ensure timelydispatch closure (if applicable) 6. Ensure completion of all fieldmodifications instructions (FMI’s) within prescribed timeframe (ifapplicable) 7. Participate in continuous improvement activities byidentifying and appropriately escalating process and product qualitygaps, providing solutions when possible

• Experience interfacing with both internal team members and externalcustomers as part of a solution based service process.
• Experience diagnosing and repairing mechanical, electromechanical,and/or electronic equipment.
• Experience troubleshooting and responding to customer concerns.
Desired Characteristics:

• Excellent analytical and communication skills with the ability tocommunicate complex technical issues in an easy to understand manner
• Leading & Relating to Others: Establishes good relationships withcustomers and staff. Builds wide and effective networks of contactsinside and outside the organization. Relates well to people at alllevels. Manages conflict.
• Shares Expertise: Applies specialist and detailed technical expertise.Develops job knowledge and expertise through continual professionaldevelopment. Shares expertise and knowledge with others. Uses technologyto achieve work objectives. Demonstrates an understanding of differentorganizational departments and functions.
• Organizing & Executing: Focuses on customer needs andsatisfaction. Sets high standards for quality and quantity. Monitors andmaintains quality and productivity. Works in a systematic, methodicaland orderly way. Consistently achieves project goals. Takesresponsibility for actions, projects and people. Takes initiative, actswith confidence and works under own direction. Initiates and generatesactivity.
• Communicating: Speaks clearly and fluently. Expresses opinions,information and key points of an argument clearly. Makes presentationsand undertakes public speaking with skill and confidence. Respondsquickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback.Projects credibility.
• Coping with Pressure: Works productively in a pressurized environment.Keeps emotions under control during difficult situations. Balances thedemands of a work life and a personal life. Maintains a positive outlookat work. Handles criticism well and learns from it.
• Supporting & Cooperating: Demonstrates an interest in andunderstanding of others. Adapts to the team and builds team spirit.Listens, consults others and communicates proactively. Supports andcares for others. Upholds ethics and values. Appropriately followsinstructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority.Follows procedures and policies. Compiles with legal obligations andsafety requirements of the role.
• Embracing Change & Demonstrating Enthusiasm: Adapts to changingcircumstances. Accepts new ideas and change initiatives. Adaptsinterpersonal style to suit different people or situations. Works hardand puts in longer hours when it is necessary. Identifies developmentstrategies needed to achieve career goals and meet new or changingdemands of the job.
• Commercial Thinking: Keeps up to date with competitor information andmarket trends. Identifies business opportunities for the organization.Demonstrates financial awareness.
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