Academic Communication Officer/ Medical Liaison, Diabetes

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Academic Communication Officer/ Medical Liaison, Diabetes

Academic Communication Officer (Medical Liaison), Diabetes

The purpose of the Academic Communication Officer role is to meet theneeds of Scientific Experts (Noted for their expertise in a particulararea and as a result, have special needs for in-depth and cutting edgeinformation because they design and implement novel research, andeducate colleagues and students) through a group of medicalprofessionals with deep content knowledge about specific disease states,available products, and investigational compounds (both Lilly andcompetitor), as well as detailed knowledge about research, regulatoryand medical education environments, and related processes.

By providing Answers That Matter and facilitating scientific exchangebetween industry and the Scientific Expert community, AcademicCommunication Officers have the opportunity to improve patient outcomesby providing needed information that addresses important clinical andscientific questions.


1. Supporting Medical/Scientific Information Needs of Scientific Expertsand other Health Care Professionals
 Academic Communication Officers act as the primary interface betweenLilly and Scientific Experts within their defined geography, providingdeep and advanced disease state and product expertise and facilitatingthe work of the Scientific Expert when it aligns with Lilly's mission.An important aspect of this work will be to connect Scientific Expertswith other Lilly resources (e.g., Research Scientists, Clinical ResearchPhysicians, Sales and Marketing) whenever appropriate.
 Academic Communication Officers serve as reliable, trusted resourcesof accurate, up-to-date medical and scientific information requested byScientific Experts and other Health Care Professionals. They willrespond in a timely way to personal or electronic inquiries withappropriate available information.

2. Maintenance of Scientific Expertise
Academic Communication Officers will maintain the highest level ofknowledge regarding current disease state product (including competitorproducts) and investigational compound information to enable them to bescientifically credible peers of Scientific Experts. The ML will beexpected to engage in continuous learning within the therapeutic areathey represent, which includes:
 Utilizing appropriate resources to stay current with the scientificliterature (e.g. conducting regular literature searches and libraryresearch)
 Attending external scientific meetings
 Meeting with peer group regularly for formal shared learning

3. Facilitation of Research Initiatives
Academic Communication Officers can provide support for researchinitiatives, including:
 Facilitating of interactions between medical personnel and externalinvestigators
 Providing recommendations for investigators based on the researcher’sinterests and qualifications
 Identifying opportunities for potential external researchcollaborations
 Facilitating aspects of the Investigator-Initiated Trial (IIT) process
 On a limited basis, participating in clinical trial execution,including study development, initiation and close-out activities

4. Communication of Scientific Intelligence & Clinical insight
In an effort to fully understand external opinions, issues, and newscience in the therapeutic areas in which Lilly operates, AcademicCommunication Officers gather and communicate scientific intelligenceand clinical insights identified through their interactions withScientific Experts and other Health Care Providers, their attendance atmedical conferences, and through other appropriate means to betterinform Lilly’s strategic direction for research and commercialization.These activities include:
 Identifying key scientific developments, new research methodologies,therapy trends and/or other developments in the therapeutic area
 Sharing feedback from external experts including their perspectives ondata and medical/scientific concepts, views of the general therapeuticarea landscape, and clinical experiences
 Share learning from publications, external medical conferences andother appropriate channels internally

5. Other Medical Activities
While the focus of the Academic Communication Officer role is to supportthe medical/scientific information and research needs of ScientificExperts, Academic Communication Officers may be involved in otheractivities (as determined by supervision), including:
 Conducting training on scientific/medical information content atProduct Informational Speaker Training events
 Responding to unsolicited questions in the medical information area ofa medical conference exhibit booth
 Participating in Consultant Meetings
 Developing and delivering educational presentations in accordance withapplicable procedures
 Serving as authors for publications
 Providing scientific training for sales, marketing, or other internalpersonnel
 Providing recommendations to marketing for Scientific Experts andother external parties to serve as consultants, advisory board members,or speaker training faculty based on specific criteria
 On a limited basis, conduct medical review of promotional materials

6. Management of Administrative Activities
Academic Communication Officers will effectively use approved resourcesto fulfill administrative, procedural, and legal requirements associatedwith addressing customer requests. These activities may include:
 Proficiency in computer skills and database entry (e.g.OneLilly/OnDemand, Microsoft Office, Ovid)
 Continual compliance with all procedural requirements of the role
 Appropriate utilization of available resources.

Academic Communication Officers are expected to apply the resourcemanagement skills needed to meet the requests of customers and the needsof the business unit, while exhibiting appropriate stewardship of theirtime and expense budget

Minimum Qualification Requirements:
 Education background: Master or above degree in health sciences with2-3 years relevant clinical or therapeutic experience. Clinical medicinebackground is preferred.
 Proficiency in written English (sufficient to read and understandprocedures, training and medical literature)
 Strong interpersonal skills, including capability to engage inprofessional relationship building and networking
 Intellectual curiosity and intelligence about the field ofscience/medicine for which they are responsible
 Highly motivated and capable of comprehending large amounts ofscientific content which is then communicated in a clear, concisefashion
 Significant direct experience in servicing customer needs for complexinformation
 Demonstrated success in self-managing priorities and multi-taskingprojects
 Ability to work effectively and share information within a teamenvironment
 Advanced presentation skills
 Expertise in literature identification and evaluation
 Familiarity with the academic community and the medical research andmedical education process

Other Information/Additional Preferences:
 Working experience in MNC medical department as ML or similar role ispreferred.
 Domestic travel required 30%
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  • 学历不限

  • 1-2年

  • 中级


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