Sports Medicine Clinic Coordinator-ShanghaiChangning-01376

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Sports Medicine Clinic Coordinator-ShanghaiChangning-01376

Performance Requirements:
See patients in clinic with doctor and assist with ancillary careissues, including:
1. Documentation (overseen by MD) – requires excellent spoken, aural,and written English in both general and medical topics and a detailedunderstanding of the Orthopaedic History and Physical Exam.
2. Chaperone function when patients are required to disrobe.
3. Seamless coordination of care including scheduling of diagnosticstudies, follow-up visits, pre-op visits, consults (internal medicine,physical therapy, etc.) outside referrals, and surgeries.
4. Sending emails or making phone calls to referring providers thankingthem for the referral and communicating findings and recommendations.
5. Calling patients the day after procedures to ensure completesatisfaction.
6. Writing letters for patients for school and work excuses, travelrestrictions, and other correspondence with outside parties (overseen byMD).

Ancillary clinical work (in-person, telephone and email communication)including:
1) Training the High Value Precertification Officer and providingoversight and backup:
a) Providing patients with support and guidance in handling insurancecompany requests
b) Filling out forms and fulfilling clarification requests by insurancecompanies (overseen by MD).
2) Training the Orthopedic Scheduler(s) in handling patient schedulingissues and providing oversight and backup:
a) Responding to patient emails.
b) Responding to patient phone calls.
c) Inform patients regarding appointment times, consultation fees,procedures offered
d) Be able to convey to patients the surgeon’s credentials, experienceand expertise
e) Requires ability to communicate clearly and concisely with surgeon todetermine the best way to handle patient requests. Requires on the joblearning to quickly learn surgeon’s preferences.
f) Find out patient information, reason for consultation, and referralsource
g) Schedule patients according to the nature of their visit
h) Counsel patients regarding appropriate preparation if scheduling aclinic procedure
i) Help with scheduling walk-ins, overbookings, etc. to optimize patientflow and access as well as clinic and surgeon logistics
3) Surgery scheduling (over time, the goal is to train OrthopaedicSchedulers to take on this complex role):
a) help patients and surgeons to identify available OR time for surgery
b) learn to identify potential conflicts including clinic patients,availability of surgical assistant, availability of equipment, etc.
c) communicate with the OR and other surgical services when necessary toconfirm the date
d) initiate the surgical booking process
e) confirm the completion of pre-operative medical testing
f) arrange and confirm the completion of pre-operative consultationsincluding medical clearance, other specialties

Other Administrative work, including:
1) Maintain surgeon’s schedule
2) Train and supervise other office staff
3) Maintaining a regular flow of team-building activities includingjuice, desserts, celebrating staff birthdays, etc.
4) Research, order, and maintain needed supplies and equipment incoordination with surgeon, Central Supply and OR
5) Conduct periodic clinical and surgical workflow analysis—analyzingand preventing errors with systematic reviews and improvements inworkflow.
6) Train other office staff regarding work-flows, supply and equipmentissues

1) Develop EMR templates for the Orthopaedic Surgery division.
2) Work with surgical hospitalist, PT, and nursing to develop patientpre-op instructions—i.e. “what to expect with your upcoming surgery”.
3) Work with all involved parties including surgical hospitalist,pharmacy, OR team, PT, and anesthesia, clinic/OR/floor nursing todevelop detailed pre-op and post-op protocols (“pathways”) for largersurgeries including hip fractures, total hip replacement, total kneereplacement.

CLOSE COLLABORATION WITH Sports Medicine Project Manager
4) Develop multi-media educational materials for patient waiting room
5) Developing illustrated patient education materials.
6) Marketing, including:
a) Patient outreach seminars--plan and organize with marketingdepartment
b) Organize special events for the office
c) Meet with and develop collaborative agreements and sponsorships withvarious gyms, sports leagues, schools, Shanghai events, etc.
Supervision Received:
Chief of Orthopaedics

Supervision Exercised:
Direct line to Orthopedic Scheduler
Dotted line to orthopaedic nursing staff on areas of use of orthopaedicforms, handling complicated patient requests.


● Fluency in English, both in oral and written communication; fluency inChinese preferred
● Highly organized and team-oriented
● Ability to exercise initiative, judgment and problem-solving skills
● Professional attitude and appearance
● Ability to develop and maintain rapport with patients, staff, andconsultants

● Familiarity with orthopaedic and sports medicine surgery proceduresand protocols
● Understanding of medical terminology
● Computer proficiency, including experience with electronic medicalrecords, expertise in Word and Excel, and familiarity with Trakcare

The Sports Medicine Clinic Coordinator (SMCC) must enjoy using her/hiscreativity, intelligence, and interpersonal skills to solve complicatedlogistics problems involving multiple parties and departments. S/he mustpossess excellent communication skills, be friendly andservice-oriented, and possess a high sense of responsibility as apatient service provider. S/he must speak, read, and write Englishfluently. The Sports Medicine Clinic Coordinator also plays a key rolein our department’s marketing program. S/he maintains a timely and richcommunication with our patients, referring providers, and staff. S/healso functions as an administrator of the orthopedic surgery division.

Providing assistance to consultants:
The SMCC will develop a liason service to help our consultants respondto patient calls/requests. Instead of the MAO having to track downconsultants to answer patients’ questions, Sports Medicine ClinicCoordinator will train our orthopaedic schedulers and nurses to respondfor them. For example, if a patient after seeing one of the consultantsis experiencing side-effects with the medication prescribed, the ClinicCoordinator can help to take the call, understand the patient’ssituation, determine possible solutions, and, if difficult to reach theconsultant at that time, ask for another MD’s assistance to changeprescription.
Sports Medicine Clinic Coordinator can also help with communicatingLab/MRI results to any patients who see the consultants and require thereport urgently at a time when the consultants are not in the hospital.
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