Antibody/Protein Scientist

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Antibody/Protein Scientist

We are looking for an Antibody/Protein Scientist to help advance ourAntibody/Protein engineering projects. The successful candidate willintegrate with the protein-engineering group.

Roles and Responsibilities
 Perform research and feasibility studies into proposedAntibody/Protein engineering projects.
 lDesign expression constructs for antibody and protein production.
 Plan and develop purification and assay protocols.
 Collaborate with laboratory personnel and CRO staff to follow-up onthe protein expression and screening for biophysical and bioactivity ofthe engineered molecules.
 Work closely with Project Managers to track project development.
 Check, organize, analyze, and report data produced. Prepare reports,documents, and dossiers.
 Peer-review and collaborate in Antibody/Protein engineering efforts ofthe team.
 Collaborate with rest of the research and development team andexternal partners.
 Participate in the preparation of patents and publications.

Qualifications and Experience
 PhD in Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular and Cellular Biology,Enzymology or related field with 5+ years industrial experience; RecentPhD graduates and post-doctorate fellows with relevant experience areencouraged to apply.
 Experience in protein expression, purification, biochemical andbioactivity characterization using techniques such as ELISA, SPR, FACS,etc.
 Experience in at least some important biophysical characterizationtechniques such as HPLC/SEC, DSC/DSF, AUC, DLS, LC-MS, etc
 Solid understanding of protein chemistry.
 Demonstrated ability to participate in collaborative scientificprojects.
 Exceptional communication skills (written/spoken English).
 Meticulous organization, record keeping and reporting.
 Other assets include: Structural biology knowledge, experience inimmunology and cell biology.

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  • 博士

  • 6-10年



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