ER Nurse 急诊科护士-上海-00584

面议 上海 经验不限 大专 全职
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ER Nurse 急诊科护士-上海-00584

Carry out the policies and procedures of the Hospital. Provide qualityof care to all patients, coordinate between relevant staff, andaccomplish assigned tasks by Head Nurse and/or Assistant Head Nurse inER/ICU.

1. Minimal Education Requirement—above college degree in nursing
2. Minimal experience requirement---5 years working experience innursing
3. Minimum 2 years overseas nursing experience required for new hires.
4. Licensing Needed—Registered nurse license in China
5. Adequate communication skills in English and Chinese
6. Adequate nursing skills based on clinical needs
7. Demonstrates excellent nursing skills in required expertise
8. BCLS within 3 months
9. Experience at ER/ICU/CCU/NICU etc is preferred
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  • 经验不限


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