OR Nurse/手术室护士-上海长宁-00851

面议 上海 经验不限 大专 全职
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OR Nurse/手术室护士-上海长宁-00851

• Ensure all the required equipment and consumable supplies areavailable and functional before surgery.
• Ensure every surgeon’s privilege.
• Transport patient from relevant department to OR base on the pre-opchecklist. Ensure all the necessary documents and data are prepared.
• In charge of securing patient comfortably in correct surgicalposition, avoid over exposure, maintain warm and safe.
• Conduct universal protocol; participate in final “Time Out”.
• Assist the anesthesiologist with the induction of anesthesia whenapplicable.
• Assist surgeon and scrub nurse with proper surgical gowning andgloving.
• Maintain OR aseptic environment around the operating table regardingIC protocol. Supervise operation attendee’s/ visitors’ aseptictechnique.
• Perform correct counting with scrub nurse before and after surgeryaccording to relevant policy.
• Assess patient’s condition such as VS, blood loss, urine output andskin integrity, etc, throughout the procedure.
• Assist surgeon, anesthesiologist and scrub nurse throughout theprocedure. Ensure the quality and quantity of manpower, equipment andconsumable. Communicate with relational department as needed.
• Collect and distribute specimen according to relevant policy.
• Administer medication or blood product according to surgeon andanesthesiologist’s order following relevant working flow and policy.
• Perform post-anesthesia care and discharge patient to ordereddestination after meeting criteria.
• In charge of completing relevant Operation Room nursing documentationand data collection.
• Transport patient back to relevant department according to surgeon’sorder. Give detailed nursing report.
• Charge operational bill and participate in completing record inTrakcare system.
• Participate in CSSD work when assigned technician is off duty

• Minimal Education Requirement—above college degree in nursing
• Minimal experience Requirement- 5years working experience in nursing;Above 2 years OR specialty nursing experience preferred
Minimum 2 years oversea nursing experience required for new hires.
• Licensing Needed- Registered nurse license in China.
• Adequate communication skills in English and Chinese
• Adequate OR nursing skills based on clinical needs
  • 大专

  • 经验不限


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