sales manager Job

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sales manager Job

Role Summary/Purpose: Accountable to grow sales revenue and margins fora specific GEHC product/product range or segment within an assignedgeographical area. Executes a coherent product differentiation andcommercial strategy. Optimizes the use of resources to achieve theOperating plan. Updates Modality management leaders of evolving marketand customer needs to drive innovation. Assist and contribute to thecoordination of One GEHC account activities to bring maximum businessresults and customer satisfaction.
Essential Responsibilities: Financial Performance
Customer, Market & Product Expertise
Sales Management
Team Coaching
decision making process
One GEHC teamwork
Qualifications/Requirements: Required Qualifications:

1. Education to Bachelor Degree level.

2. Experienced in Sales / Marketing management positions within theHealthcare industry with in-depth knowledge of healthcare market anddecision makers.

3. Strong knowledge of GEHC and exceptional knowledge of products andservices offered within the modality.

4. Previous experience of people management, leadership skills, as wellas sales coaching & team building skills.

5. Strong business acumen; financial and organizational skills.

6. Advanced negotiation, problem solving and influencing skills.

7. High level presentation and interpersonal skills; able to communicateand present ideas to customers in a way that produces understanding andimpact that builds effective strategic relationships.

8. Ability to energize, develop, and build rapport, collaboration andinfluence at all levels within an organization. Act as inspirationalleader with optimism, highly approachable and humble.

9. Ability to operate effectively in a multi-tasking, dynamicenvironment, while maintaining a forward-thinking and customer-firstattitude.

Quality Specific Goals

1. Aware of and comply with the GEHC Quality Manual, Quality ManagementSystem, Quality Management Policy, Quality Goals, and applicable lawsand regulations as they apply to this job type/position.

2. Complete all planned Quality & Compliance training within thedefined deadlines.

3. Identify and report any quality or compliance concerns and takeimmediate corrective action as required.

4. Knowledge and understanding of all Global Privacy andAnti-Competition Policies.

5. Knowledge and understanding of all Environmental Health Policies(including but not limited to GE Healthcare EHS Policies, GE HealthcareFleet Rules, etc.) and operate within them to ensure that no companypolicy or Country / Int’l Law is broken.

6. Drive continuous improvement on all related processes, workinstructions, and procedures to ensure ongoing standardization andsimplification of the Quality Management System.
Desired Characteristics: Preferred Qualifications:
1. Master’s degree preferred.
2. Fluency in English language.
3. Healthcare experience.
4. Direct and/or Indirect management experience; managing in a matrixorganization.
5. Strong track record in high technology product sales / solutions.
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