Japanese Doctor 日英双语医生-00187

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Japanese Doctor 日英双语医生-00187

目前共有 99 个求职者投递过该职位,相比他们你的综合竞争力排名为 99 名, 使用竞争力报告分析
Key Responsibilities:
Patient Care:
Undertake clinical consultations and provide a high standard of serviceand care to patients attending the company clinic, mainly supporting theJapanese clientele but also other nationalities as required.
Develop a family orientated clinic practice with continuity of care andappropriate follow-up and referral.
Assist with the implementation of preventative care strategies,including structuring and performing medical screening services.
Manage the delivery of competent and professional health servicesaccording to the company standards.
Assist with ensuring appropriate patient triage and flow within theclinic.
Perform rounds in the clinic emergency room and short-term inpatientbeds including morning and evening handovers to other medical personnelwhen required.

Quality Assurance and Administration:
Work with the clinic’s Chief Medical Officer to optimise qualityassurance and ensure that appropriate medical outcomes are consistentlyattained with respect to the provision of clinic services.
Ensure that patient medical files and documentation are maintained tohighest standards and in accordance with company standards for clinicservices.
Assist in the maintenance, selection and control of the medicalequipment and supplies available in the clinic when required.

Promotion Services:
Work with members of the senior management team on initiatives toenhance the clinic profile and activity in the Japanese community.
Participate actively in appropriate social and professional activitiesto promote company services in the Japanese community.
Present important health topics to interested community groups.
Assist the China Sales and Marketing team and Japanese marketing team inexplaining company’s medical services to prospective and existing clients.
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