Clinical Research Physician, Anti-Infectious (医学顾问,抗生素)

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Clinical Research Physician, Anti-Infectious (医学顾问,抗生素)

General Job Description:
• Provide therapeutic support / linkage
o Provide leadership of a therapeutic team
o Maintain contacts with the corporate therapeutic teams
o Provide lectures and educational support for internal and externalresources

• Provide market support
o Speaker on LLY research
o Speaker on Lilly products
o Be sales force trainer
o Work with opinion leader on requested studies / grants
o Develop opinion leader program (OLP)
 Build strong relationships and maintain contacts
 Work with those OPL to become speakers for Lilly
 Facilitator to LRL
o Develop advocacy groups
o Be product strategy team member
o Be chairperson for advisory committee
o Evaluate and sign-off for all promotional materials and medicalliterature. For promotional materials developed in Chinese, review andsign-off them on behalf of the medical director who does not speakChinese.
 Medical accuracy
 Integrity

• Provide medical leadership and support
o Execution clinical trials
o Determine feasibility of global clinical trials
o Conduct of global clinical trials
o Lead data development
 Design trial protocol
 Provide publication support
 Solve issues / problems
o Be CMGC (China Medical Grant Committee) member

• General
o Information and case support of sales force, marketing group andoutside medical community
o Other responsibilities if necessary by the supervisor

Mission “The mission of the Clinical Research Physician ’s job categoryis to drive the development of compounds from discovery through life ofthe product by applying clinical, scientific and drug development skillsthat meet the needs of the patients and other Lilly customers.”

Clinical Research Physicians are responsible for
• Producing information that defines the product line and helps tomarket successfully
• Insuring patient safety and ethics of the study
• Evaluating risk versus benefits
• Providing disease state expertise
• Serving as an advocate for medicine as it interfaces with othercross-functional areas (regulatory, clinical trials businessimplementation, marketing, etc.)

KRAs The following KRAs were identified as major areas of responsibilityfor Clinical Research Physicians:

• Execute clinical trials
• Synthesize information and carry conclusions forward
• Manage regulatory interactions
• Manage / influence term performance
• Manage administrative work
• Manage external relationships and provide business support
• Provide leadership
• Continue education and professional development
• Design strategy

Knowledge / The following knowledge / skill category were used tocapture all the knowledge
Skill Category and skills required to perform the KRAs:

• Company Policies / Procedures
• External Regulations
• Drug Development Process
• Tools / Equipment
• Records / Reports / Templates
• Interpersonal Skills
• Management / Supervisory Skills
• Professional / Technical Skills
• Competencies

Competencies The following competencies were included in the curriculumdesign phase:
• Technical Expertise
• Focuses on Results
• Communication Skills
• Teamwork
• Initiates Action
• Discipline / Rigor
• Data Driven
• Information Networking
• Creativity
• Makes Tough Decisions
• Interpersonal Astuteness
• Technical Leadership
• Strategic Thinking
• Builds Strategic Support

Professional This category identifies the knowledge and skills requiredto be hired as a Chief Qualification Research Physician. A targetedselection interview guide built around these knowledge /
Skills should be developed as part of hiring and decision makingprocess. The following professional qualifications were identified.

• Degreed medical doctor – additional specialty training highlyrecommended (Internal Medicine and Anti-Infectious
• Recognition of the importance of timelines
• Basic public speaking skills
• Ability to be a champion of a project / product
• Driven by data and objectivity, not emotion
• Documented experience in research, clinical experience orpharmaceutical medicine

  • 内科学

  • 博士

  • 3-5年


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