TCM Physician 中医医师(针灸/推拿)-北京-00940

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TCM Physician 中医医师(针灸/推拿)-北京-00940

1. Interfacing with the relevant TCM for regulations and policies updateand communications;
2. Delivering and performing the UFH standard clinical service to thecustomers;
3. Providing accurate and efficient healthcare and medical reports tothe customers;
4. Making suggestions to administrator and adjustments at the clinic;
5. Practicing clinical and regulatory requirements;
6. Guiding nursing staff in the provision of nursing care consistentwith Nursing Standards of Care/Practice, the Plan for Provision ofNursing Care, and The Plan for Provision of Patient Care, thePerformance Improvement Plan, the Patient Education Plan andProfessional Organization Standards.
7. Performing duties to provide the highest level of patient care andmaximize patient satisfaction.

1. Medical Bachelor’s (University) Degree
2. At least 8 years of clinical and hospital experience as TraditionalChinese Medicine doctor clinical practiced. Experience in JVHospital/Clinic, or high level Health Check-up center is a plus.
3. Positive attitude towards sales activities like: business traveling,cross training, introducing UFH services to customers, accuratefollow-up to each customer.
4. Team player and also able to work independently in setting up andcompleting tasks.
5. Oral, Listening, Reading and Written English is a must
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