Chair of OB/GYN Physician 妇产科主任

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Chair of OB/GYN Physician 妇产科主任

1. Prescribes prenatal and postnatal care, performs deliveries inmaternity cases, and treats diseases and injuries of female reproductivesystem. Prepares and review case histories and obtains data throughinterviews. Examines patients and determines x-ray examinations andclinical laboratory tests required. Interprets test results andevaluates examination findings. Prescribes prenatal and postnatal care,including diets and medication. Directs nurses in procedures forpreoperative and postoperative care such as administering sedatives,prescribing diets, and preparing operative area of patients. Appliessurgical procedures and coordinates gynecological and obstetricaloperations with anesthesiologist. Administers and prescribes suchconservative measures of treatment as antibiotics, drugs, andcompresses. Treats patients suffering from surgical shock, postoperativehemorrhages, and other complications.
2. Works on quality improvement activities within the department incollaboration with other OB/GYN doctors, midwives and DepartmentChairperson.
3. Develop the OBGYN Departmental Budgets in line with existingprocesses, and develop OBGYN Departmental scheduling processes;
4. Actively be involved in patient complaints, and review each peerreview in an adjudication role;
5. Meet regularly with the Chief Medical Officer on OBGYN issues;
6. Work closely with facility Regulatory Officers to ensure practicepatterns meet and conform to regulatory requirements within China andBeijing Municipality;
7. Work closely with facility Regulatory Officers ensuring thatappropriate employees are kept informed of developments within theregulatory environment, including planned and existing regulations;
8. Develop a strong Assistant Department Chair, who is aligned with thestrategic thinking, planning and processes for the OBGYN Department.
9. Develop and maintain regular contact with local hospital OB Chairs;
10. Develop synergies between OB and Neonatology for qualityimprovement.

1. Board Certified/Board Eligible (or equivalent) in Obstetrics andGynecology OR Chinese physician practice license
2. Doctor of medicine degree (or equivalent) from an approved school ofmedicine.
3. Completion of residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at ahospital and program acceptable to the Departmental Chairperson andChief Medical Officer
4. Minimum 10 years experience post-residency in the clinical arena preferred
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