Radiologist(Jing an)

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Radiologist(Jing an)

Job Title: Medical Imaging, Radiologist
# Positions: 1
Jiahui International Hospital (JIH) is a foreign-majority-ownedfor-profit general hospital being developed in Shanghai. It wasapproved by China's Ministry of Health ("MOH") and ShanghaiMunicipal Government in April 2011 and has China's first internationalgeneral hospital license granted by the MOH. The hospital isconveniently located within the city center of Shanghai in XuhuiDistrict with approved tertiary care capacity of 500 licensed beds.

JIH will be an innovative model of health care centered on family,community and a stronger connection between patients and caregivers.From design to operation, JIH aims to employ the best practices tobecome an internationally recognized leading medical institution inChina, providing high-quality, patient-centered, integrated healthcareservices, as well as professional training and clinical research.

Jiahui wants to attract those people who are not just seekingemployment, but who wish to help build this culture-changing,internationally-recognized health care ecosystem. Jiahui’s culture willbe one of its major differentiators.

Therefore we want to hire the doctor who will put the interest andwellbeing of our patients in the hearts and the center of our servicedesign and offering. We also expect them to promote evidence-based,integrated and continuous care to our patients, and expand advancedtechnologies and facilities to provide the best service and patientexperience. We will appreciate the medical staff who is willing to treatour patients, their families and our staff with respect and empathy as atrusted health care provider, delivering transparent and holistic careto our patients.

Responsible for performing Imaging diagnostic to interpret &performradiology studies, and supervising radiology service quality control& assessment .
Radiologist 's routine resposibilities including:
1. Perform and/or supervise imaging studies.
2. Interprete images and provide written report of imaging studies.
3. Available for night, weekend, or holiday work as needed.
4. Education of Radiology house staff with the responsibility of directsupervision and accountability of all staff members.
5. Participates in quality and safety programs, staff and educationalmeetings.
6. Maintains patient confidentiality.
7. Equipment maintenance includes finding and reporting problem,instructing bio-engineer repair if necessary.
8. Other duties required by medical staff bylaws,Jiahui’s policy andlocal government regulations.

1. Board Certified/Board Eligible (or equivalent) in Radiology MedicineOR Chinese physician practice license
2. Qualified in Basic Life Support
3. Above 5 years experience in Imaging department (Radiology)
4. Radiology Licensing Needed
5. Practice certificates for radiological equipment
6. Native level Mandarin fluency is a must.
7. English fluency is preferred.

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  • 6-10年

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