VISA Health check doctor-出国体检部医生-南京兼职

面议 江苏南京市 经验不限 本科 兼职
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VISA Health check doctor-出国体检部医生-南京兼职

Core Responsibilities
Immigration physical check-up and daily visa team management
1. Work as senior doctor together with other team members to cover bothworkday and weekend shifts in the Immigration physical check updepartment
2. As per monthly roster, perform immigration medical examination forpatients in accordance with guidelines and protocols of differentcountries Intl. SOS is working for.

Key Competencies
1. Reasonable medical competence and confidence in clinical practice
2. Good communication skill (both internally and externally) andEnglish spoken and written skill
3. Have strong team spirit and good medical ethical with pressuretolerance
4. Strong self-motivation to learn in other medical fields and quickadaption to an international working environment
  • 本科

  • 经验不限


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