Clinical Research Physcian, Diabetes

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Clinical Research Physcian, Diabetes

Position: Clinical Research Physician
Therapeutic areas: Diabetes
Reporting to: Medical Director
Work location: Shanghai, China

General Job Description:
• Provide therapeutic support / linkage
o Provide leadership of a therapeutic team
o Maintain contacts with the corporate therapeutic teams
o Provide lectures and educational support for internal and externalresources

• Provide market support
o Speaker on LLY research
o Speaker on Lilly products
o Be sales force trainer
o Work with opinion leader on requested studies / grants
o Develop opinion leader program (OLP)
 Build strong relationships and maintain contacts
 Work with those OPL to become speakers for Lilly
 Facilitator to LRL
o Develop advocacy groups
o Be product strategy team member
o Be chairperson for advisory committee
o Evaluate and sign-off for all promotional materials and medicalliterature. For promotional materials developed in Chinese, review andsign-off them on behalf of the medical director who does not speakChinese.

• Provide medical leadership and support
o Execution clinical trials
o Determine feasibility of global clinical trials
o Conduct of global clinical trials
o Lead data development
 Design trial protocol
 Provide publication support
 Solve issues / problems
o Be CMGC (China Medical Grant Committee) member

• General
o Information and case support of sales force, marketing group andoutside medical community
o Other responsibilities if necessary by the supervisor

Clinical Research Physicians are responsible for
• Producing information that defines the product line and helps tomarket successfully
• Insuring patient safety and ethics of the study
• Evaluating risk versus benefits
• Providing disease state expertise
• Serving as an advocate for medicine as it interfaces with othercross-functional areas (regulatory, clinical trials businessimplementation, marketing, etc.)
• Execute clinical trials
• Synthesize information and carry conclusions forward
• Manage regulatory interactions
• Manage / influence term performance
• Manage administrative work
• Manage external relationships and provide business support
• Provide leadership
• Continue education and professional development
• Design strategy

Knowledge Requirement:
• Company Policies / Procedures
• External Regulations
• Drug Development Process
• Tools / Equipment
• Records / Reports / Templates
• Interpersonal Skills
• Management / Supervisory Skills
• Professional / Technical Skills
• Competencies

Competencies The following competencies were included in the curriculumdesign phase:
• Technical Expertise
• Focuses on Results
• Communication Skills
• Teamwork
• Initiates Action
• Discipline / Rigor
• Data Driven
• Information Networking
• Creativity
• Makes Tough Decisions
• Interpersonal Astuteness
• Technical Leadership
• Strategic Thinking
• Builds Strategic Support

Professional Experience:
• Medical Doctor, PhD in clinical Medicine, and additional specialtytraining in diabetes treatment is highly preferred
• Recognition of the importance of timelines
• Basic public speaking skills
• Ability to be a champion of a project / product
• Driven by data and objectivity, not emotion
• Documented experience in research, clinical experience orpharmaceutical medicine

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