Director/Associate Director of Antibody Lead Discovery

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Director/Associate Director of Antibody Lead Discovery

1. Provides overall strategic, scientific and technical leadership inantibody lead identification and optimization.
2. Work with senior management team to develop and implement growingportfolio of antibody therapeutic programs.
3. Develop work plans of multiple projects to achieve preclinicalprogression from target to lead for IND filling.
4. Manage project progress, trouble-shoot, provide regular updates,write scientific papers and patents.
5. Works cross-functionally with pharmacology group and protein sciencesto identify lead therapeutic candidates.
6. Help develop and drive novel strategies for generating antibodytherapeutics targeting cancer/ inflammatory disease.

1. M.S/PhD in immunology, biology or related fields. Good understandingof immunology/oncology/ structural biology is a plus.
2. 5+ years of industry or an equivalent combination of education andexperience. Title will be commensurate with experience.
3. Demonstrated experience managing projects and lead teams.
4. Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication andinterpersonal skills as needed to work across-functional teams.

  • 人体免疫学,免疫药理学

  • 硕士

  • 3-5年


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