Senior Scientist(Protein Production Department)

20,000-29,999 江苏南京市 经验不限 博士 全职
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Senior Scientist(Protein Production Department)

1. Manage the key and strategic clients and orders in the ProteinProduction Department, and cooperate and lead the cross-departmentalprojects;
2. Provide technical solution to the project management and productionteams, and provide guidance with strong trouble-shooting skills;
3. Communicate with international clients in multiple ways includingteleconference and email;
4. Provide innovative internal R&D plans to the department andcompany regularly, and play key roles in the R&D projects of thecompany;
5. Communicate with the commercial teams to provide new serviceproposals and promotions; investigate key technologies to boost theservice performance;

1. A Ph. D. degree in life science or a related field. Has strongprotein analytics background.
2. Has the knowledge of Mass Spec, HPLC and other analytic methods usedon protein characterization.
3. Excel in a collaborative work environment, good inter-personal,managerial and leadership skills and strong oral and writtencommunication abilities.
4. Bi-lingual, fluent in Chinese and English reading, writing andconversation. Communication skill with foreign customers to discuss theorder and progress is required.
  • 基础医学,生物学

  • 博士

  • 经验不限


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