Provider Relationship Manager

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Provider Relationship Manager


1. Lead department and be responsible to following duties
1) Lead department to be more passion and more professional.
2) Support hospital & Clinic and Oncall 24/7
3) Schedule the training for department regularly

2. Provider relationship management be responsible to following duties
1) Maintain the relationship with contracted provider and organization
2) Maintain the relationship with outside referral clinic and companydoctor.
3) Maintain the relationship with MAO of Local hospital

3. Consultant management and be responsible to following duties
1) Provider(consultant) recruitment according to hospital& clinicneeded
2) Provider(consultant) C&B and contract proposal management
3) Provider daily work support as well as to be a translator as needed

4. Provide the above activities database and report at regular basis

5. Visit local hospital or organization per month

6. The other duties assigned by manager as needed

• College+ degree, Medical background is the must
• Fluent Chinese
• Fluent English speaking and writing is preferred
• International hospital relevant management experience is preferred
• Male is preferred
Knowledge and Skill:

• Good communication
• Problem solving
• Computer skill, MS Office etc
• Professional
  • 学历不限

  • 经验不限


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