Data Impact Country Coordinator

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Data Impact Country Coordinator

Description of the program:

In many of the countries worldwide there is limited knowledge about thestatus of Non-Communicable Diseases and the risk behaviors that drivethem, such as tobacco use and poor diet. This has led to a situation inwhich policymakers and other government public health practitioners lackthe essential public health data to prioritize specific health issues,communicate with stakeholders, and plan strategies to improve health.The Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative will help countries to improvecapacity for data analysis and interpretation, strategically use publichealth data to inform policymaking, and conduct efficient public healthsurveys to monitor major risk factors for non-communicable diseases.Shanghai is one of the 20 cities/countries selected for this program.The program is led by Shanghai CDC and is directly administered jointlyby the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease ChinaOffice (The Union) (based in Beijing) and Vital Strategies (based in NewYork). This program has several components (Civil Registration and VitalStatistics, NCD survey using mobile technology, and Data Impact).

Position Description:

Under the supervision of both The Union/Vital Strategies and ShanghaiCDC, this position will be the main liaison between the two sides onData Impact part of the program. The responsibilities of the countrycoordinator include:
-Work closely with Shanghai CDC on coordination, communication, andimplementation of all project activities on a daily basis.
-Provide technical assistance with projects related to public health, asappropriate
-Assist in drafting work plans; coordinate the organization andimplementation of project activities.
-Communicate regularly with The Union/Vital Strategies and report onproject progress; submit project evaluation reports timely.
-Manage all project activities based on project goals, approved workplans, budget, and implementation proposal.
-Organize and convene project meetings and activities; compile and sharemeeting notes.
-Based on the project’s needs, coordinate and arrange related exchangevisits and study tours; assist in completing related foreign affairs.
-Coordinate the completion of related financial tasks; finish projectfinancial progress reports.
-Complete other tasks as assigned.
-This position is based in Shanghai CDC.
-Domestic travel and limited international travel may be required.

Competitive compensation commensurate with education and experience willbe provided. If hired, candidate’s insurance will be paid based onnational and Shanghai relevant provisions


-The ideal candidate should be honest, hardworking, energetic andself-driven, with a strong sense of responsibility, team collaborationspirit, and good communication and coordination skills.
-Master’s degree in public health or related field
-Minimum three years of related work experience, with preference givento candidates who have experience in managing international publichealth project or working with international agencies and internationalnon-governmental organization.
-Competent in using computer functions. Proficient in Microsoft Officeand other related software.
-Have strong language skills and document writing ability; Proficient inlistening, speaking, reading, and writing in English, can communicatewith foreign experts or officers and compose work report in English

Application deadline: open until filled.

Interested applicant should send CV, cover letter, writing sample, andcontact info of three references to

About The Union and Vital Strategies

The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (TheUnion), headquartered in Paris, France since 1920, has regional andcountry offices in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, NorthAmerica and South-East Asia. The Union provides expertise in projectimplementation and management, epidemiology and surveillance, and othercore public health capacities on a variety of global health challenges.The Union China Office was established in 2003. For more informationabout The Union, visit Vital Strategies is anaffiliate of The Union. More information can be found at
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