MR Research Scientist

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MR Research Scientist

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What are my responsibilities?
• Develop new MR techniques and applications to provide better medicalMR imaging solutions. Including sequence development projects done incollaboration with the collaboration partner.
• Provide technical support to the collaboration partner for advancedresearch questions, including support in sequence programming using theIDEA platform.
• Managing both internal & external resources to develop and testnew MR techniques.
• Leading the design and implementation of research / developmentprojects in a way consistent with international standards in theinterest of Siemens and clinical needed.
• Management of the collaboration process from, project design, projectimplementation, completion of data collection, storage and presentationand final closure of the projects.
• Preparation and writing of scientific papers together withcollaboration partners to ensure the work has impact in the scientificand academic community.
• Act as a liaison between this customer and Siemens’ researchcollaborators and Siemens’ internal groups in China and world-wide,including, but not limited to R&D, development teams, collaborationteams and Marketing.
• A substantial amount of time will be spent with collaboration partnersto provide research / academic consultancy on many topics related to MRIresearch and liaising with Siemens colleagues in China, headquarters andglobally to help develop future technologies adapted to the needs inChina.

What do I need to qualify for this job?
• Previous research experience in medical imaging, preferably in MRI
• PhD in medical-imaging related field, preferably MRI (alternativelyTechnologist/Technician, medical engineer, clinical scientist, MD withresearch experience may be considered as well)
• Hands-on experience with MRI equipment, Experience with Siemens and/orUHF systems and/or ultra-strong gradients (Connectome) is a plus.
• Basic medical knowledge
• Substantial experience in C++ software development is expected anddesign of MR sequences and image reconstruction using the Siemens SDEplatform (IDEA/ICE) is preferable, as well as knowledge in image postprocessing.
• Ability and interest to motivate and guide collaboration partnersthrough the process of research projects
• Communicate effectively with customers, colleagues and the medicalcommunity about the research work
• Ability to work independently but maintain good contact with theinternational Collaboration team
• Strong attention to detail, outstanding communications skills, abilityto create new and innovative solutions, establish and maintainrelationships with a variety of people in different roles / levels andphysical locations are critical.
• Experience in publishing and presenting scientific work to the medicalcommunity, especially experience in writing scientific papers forinternational journals. An outstanding track record of peer reviewedpublications is highly desired.
• Excellent command of English, both written and spoken. Native speakeror working proficiency in mandarin is preferable.
• Experiences in developing RF electronic for MRI system (especially UHFsystem) are a plus.
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