201810-124121 Applications Specialist

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201810-124121 Applications Specialist

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You will be responsible for Applications Support, assists on sales andmarketing team for product promotion. 提供产品技术支持,协助销售和市场人员推广公司产品
- Actively promoting Roche Applied Science products and services offeredby the company to the customers (end users) as well as to solveapplication / product problems promptly and completely and assistingBusiness Area to achieve overall its monthly and yearly sales target andobjectives; 向客户(终端客户)推广部门产品,及时解决产品出现的问题,协助部门完成月度和年度指标
- Delivering product and system training to the customers (distributorsand end-customers) and to help in new product launch. Conducting producttechnical training for internal Sales / Engineers/distributors andfollowing up with training feedback; 对客户(经销商和终端客户)进行产品培训,协助新产品上市。对内部销售、工程师和经销商提供产品相关的技术培训并跟进培训结果反馈。
- Coordinating instrument installation with Service Engineer andconducting application training for end users after installation ofinstruments; 配合维修工程师进行仪器安装,对用户进行培训
- Visiting client regularly and promoting reagent for value-basedmanagement. Solving application / product problems promptly andcompletely from end users; 定期拜访客户,促进试剂消耗,及时全面地解决客户提出的产品应用问题
- Maintaining and updating products information in a timely manner; 及时地维护和更新产品信息
- Coordinating customer evaluation of products. Paying periodical visitsto Key Accounts for getting user feedbacks on our products and services;submiting call report to line managers. Assisting customers in theinterpretation of test results, explaining test result to customers toreach agreement; 协助客户共同完成产品评估,定期拜访重点客户,搜集客户对产品和服务的反馈;及时向直线经理递交拜访报告。协助客户对测试结果进行解读,向客户解释测试结果,达成一致。
- Keeping good and up to date customer base and paying periodic visitsto Key Accounts for delivering product information and getting userfeedbacks on our products and services. 更新客户资料,拜访重点客户,传递产品信息,并及时得到用户的反馈
You should hold:
- At least Bachelor Degree in Clinical Diagnostics or AppropriateScience or Medical discipline; 大学以上学历,医学检验专业或相关专业
- Proficiency in both spoken and written English and good command of MSoffice software application; 熟练掌握英语口语及书面表达,熟练应用微软办公软件
- Product & Application Expertise. 产品和应用的专业知识
You should have good track record for working in a MNC company for twoor more years, with related work experience in sales & applicationsupport. The ability to effectively work within a diverse environment,develop new customers while maintaining all existing accounts, delivereffective application service. 两年以上外企销售或应用支持相关工作经验。适应多变的工作环境,维护现有客户以及发展新的客户,提供客户服务
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