Lab Technician 实验室检验师

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Lab Technician 实验室检验师

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• Monitor specimen collection, identification, transport, storage, andprocessing to ensure quality of specimen before testing.
• Prepares reagents, standards and controls according to prescribedprocedures.
• Performs tests and sample analysis in the areas of clinical chemistry,hematology & Blood Bank, microbiology, immunology and/or Body fluidanalysis.
• Verifies test results prior to release.
• Performs quality control to ensure proper functioning of instruments,reagents, and procedures. Recognizes instrument malfunction andout-of-control test results, takes corrective action and reports to thesupervisor.
• Maintains test equipment and instruments, following establishedprocedures.
• Answers questions of physicians and nurses concerning laboratorytests, accepts complaints, and initiates corrective actions.
• Trains new employees the laboratory techniques.
• Gives lectures on lab test techniques or related diseases inlaboratory.
• Participates in education class and continuing education programs.Attends workshops, seminars, and lectures to keep current on newinstrumentation, techniques and procedures as assigned by the chair.
• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
• Related bachelor's degree, or others with certification as alaboratory technologist.
• Intermediate English level in listening, speaking, reading, andwriting is preferred.
• Perform full range of chemistry, microbiology immunology, hematology& Blood Bank and body fluid laboratory procedures.
• Participates in the evaluation of new techniques and procedures in thelaboratory.
• Evaluates and solves problems related to collection and processing ofbiological specimens for analysis.
• Differentiates and resolves technical, instrument, physiologic causesof problems or unexpected test results.

• An understanding of the underlying scientific principles of laboratorytesting as well as the technical, procedural, and problem-solvingaspects.
• A general comprehension of the many factors that affect health anddisease, and recognizes the importance of proper test selection, thenumerous causes of discrepant test results (patient and laboratory),deviation of test results, and ethics including result confidentiality.
• Correlates abnormal data with pathologic states, determines validityof test results, and need for additional tests.
• Understands and enforces safety regulations.
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