Clinic Assistant 科室助理 (006480)

面议 上海长宁区 3-5年 大专 全职
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Clinic Assistant 科室助理 (006480)

目前共有 99 个求职者投递过该职位,相比他们你的综合竞争力排名为 99 名, 使用竞争力报告分析
1. Screen telephone calls.
2. Call back lab resutles, follow up on referral, and keep track of allreports, including lab, imaging and so on.
3. Maintain and organize the rest result/referral filing system.
4. Assit department chair and medical staff in quality improvement andto assure continuity of care being provided to all patients.
5. Escorting patient to local hospital for certain procedure as needed.
6. Provide cerbal interpreter service for consultant as needed.
7. Follow up check-up patient and tape report for doctors.
8. Works with doctor to provide all of the needed documentation.
9. Help to answer patient's medical inquries.
10. Other assigned duties as when necessary.
1. At least 2 years of working experience.
2. Preferred experience or education in nursing, medicine, or othersallied health field. Previous experience in similar position is a plus.
3. Good communication skill. Fluent in English.
4. Quick to response or reacts. Quick learner.
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  • 大专

  • 3-5年

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