Section Chief of Family Medicine ((006982)

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Section Chief of Family Medicine ((006982)

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Primary Responsibilities:
• Submit written reports to the MAB (Medical Advisory Board) concerningthe findings of the department's patient care evaluation and monitoringactivities (e.g., Peer Review cases) and any resulting actions;
• Make recommendations for maintaining and improving the quality of careprovided in the department and the hospital, and any other matters theMAB considers appropriate for reports;
• Develop and implement departmental programs, in cooperation with theCMO and other committees as assigned by the CMO for:
o Evaluation of patient care,
o Growth of the department,
o Increasing complexity and advancing the level of medical care providedby the department,
o Ongoing monitoring of clinical practice,
o Credentials and privileges review,
o Medical education, and
o Utilization review;
• As a member of the MAB, provide input on medical policies of thehospital, and make specific recommendations regarding her or his owndepartment;
• Continuously review the performance of all physicians with clinicalprivileges and specified services in the department, and regularlyreport the findings of such reviews to CMO, the MAB, and the qualityimprovement committee;
• Transmit recommendations concerning clinical privileges, specifiedservices, or corrective action with respect to physicians in thedepartment to the MAB and the CMO;
• Appoint and designate chairs for any intradepartmental committees thatare necessary for conducting department functions;
• Enforce medical staff bylaws, rules, regulations, and policies withinthe department, and initiate investigations of clinical performance ororder consultations, when necessary;
• Implement any actions taken by the MAB and/or the board within thedepartment;
• Participate in every phase of administration in the department, suchas cooperating with nursing services and administration in mattersaffecting patient care, including personnel, supplies, specialregulations, standing orders, and techniques;
• Assist in the preparation of quarterly reports pertaining to thedepartment, including budgetary planning reports, as required by theMAB, the General Manager of the hospital, or the board;
• Act as the lead (with assistance of the CMO and the Human Resourcesdepartment) in medical staff recruiting;
• Perform any other duties as may be requested by the CMO, the MAB, orthe Governing Body
• Following UFH’s commitment to educating the next generation of medicalprofessionals, physicians will be responsible, as part of their ongoingduties, for mentoring, precepting, teaching and supervising UFH fellowsor other relevant trainees.
• Additional job responsibilities as assigned by supervisor, departmentchair or CMO.
• Will agree to serve on at least one hospital/clinic committee.
• Works on quality improvement activities within the department incollaboration with other physicians and Department Chairperson.
• Exemplifies highest levels of professionalism and medical ethics in
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