Medical Liaison-Oncology

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Medical Liaison-Oncology

· Scientific communication with HCPs
1. Contacting HCPs to respond to an unsolicited request forinformation relating to a sanofi produc t, therapeutic area, or diseasestate. Leaving behind a reprint of an approved peer-reviewed article,slides sets or other materials.
2. Sharing information regarding new products or pipeline with HCPsin order to respond to an unsolicited query. This information may relateto the agent’s mechanism of action, relevant disease state information,review of phase II data and proposed or ongoing clinical trials.
3. Providing product related training to regional speakers forsanofi China sponsored regional conference.
4. Responding to unsolicited requests from hospital, healthcareorganizations or payers for assistance in the development and design oftheir disease management and quality improvement initiatives that targetunmet medical needs and relate to a sanofi product or therapeutic area.
5. Develop scientific communication materials (e.g. slides kit ofhot topic, congress debrief, etc.) for medical liaisons usage followingthe review process in medical liaisons’ guideline.
· Medical and scientific support to regional sales and marketing team
1. Working closely with the regional BU colleagues, giving advice onthe strategic and tactical regional based medical strategies, ensuringinvolvement and awareness of regional marketing and sales team.
2. Providing scientific training and relevant answers to Marketingand Sales personnels regarding sanofi products and relevant disease andits therapeutic areas.
3. Participating in sanofi China sponsored regional conference,providing advice on scientific contents, communicating medicalinformation with speakers or chairmen, answering questions on sanofiproducts with unbiased attitude.
· Collaboration with key opinion leaders (KOLs)
Developing and fostering excellent professional relationships withKOLs in the responsible territory. Serve as key company liaison in thefield to KOLs to enhance scientific collaboration in clinical research,medical education, publication, etc. .
· Clinical trial support
Supporting company sponsored and investigator sponsored clinicaltrials by facilitating trial related request in the field.
· Compliance
Ensure all activities are in strict compliance with localregulations, company policies and guidelines, including but not limitedto sanofi Code of Conduct, Good Promotional Practice Guidelines andMedical Liaison Guidelines.

Master of Medicine M.M. or more
2.Experience & knowledge:
At least 1-2 year clinical practice, preferably in clinical oncology
Industry experience in medical affairs, clinical development orclinical operation is preferred
3. Core competencies:
Information analytical skills and presentation skills
4.Communication and influencing skills
Able to work independently in the region and manage time, resourceand workload under moderate travel frequency
Able to collaborate and establish partnership with internal (medicalmanagers, business unit) and external key stakeholders (KOLs, payors)
Fluent in both written and spoken English and good PC skill.
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