Hospitalist 住院部医生-Beijing-00046

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Hospitalist 住院部医生-Beijing-00046

1. 1. Perform complete physical exams and assessments of patients inInternal Medicine Department (including urgent, emergent, and non-urgentpresentation) and ICU.
2. Help with the coverage of the ICU as requested by the ICU MedicalDirector.
3. Help with medical development programs of internal medicine, such asdevelop rules, training plans and QI monitoring systems for hospitalistprograms etc
4. Primary doctor to do Co admission with part time Subspecialtyspecialists in Internal Medicine.
5. Select, order and perform tests and procedures to augment physicalfindings
6. Define/document differential diagnoses and list differentialdiagnoses with most likely diagnosis indicated.
7. Write orders on physician order sheet for tests, procedures and theimplementation and management of therapies in accordance with medicalprotocols. Write signature on chart based upon institutional policy
8. Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as deemed necessary andappropriate for plan of care if privileged to do so. Consult asnecessary.
9. Interpret data and diagnostic results for appropriate course ofaction including blood gases, radiology, ECG, etc., but not limited tothese.
10. Participate in education and training including medical and nursingstaff.
11. Participate in community events coordinated by Beijing UnitedHospital.
12. Follow bylaws and policy and procedure of Beijing United FamilyHospital.
13. Take in house on call as assigned by department chair and ICUdirector
14. Other duties as assigned by the Chief Medical Officer and the Chairof Internal Medicine.
1. The staff member MUST hold a medical degree from a recognized medicalinstitution either in China or overseas. The staff member should ideallyhold specialist Internal Medicine qualifications, but if this is not thecase, at least five (5) years of Internal Medicine or ICU experience atrecognized and accredited institutions.
2. The staff member should be registered in his or her home country andshould also possess licensing with the Beijing Medical Board.
3. The staff member should possess skills equivalent to those ofaccredited Internal Medicine Physicians or ICU services. Skills ingeneral should be applied to the initial assessment, diagnosis,treatment and disposition of ICU Adult and internal medical conditions.
4. Where applicable, the staff member should treat patients inaccordance with hospital and department procedures and protocols. Whenmedications are required, these should be prescribed on hospitalprescriptions in accordance with hospital procedures.
5. The staff member should possess a knowledge base equivalent to anaccredited ICU and Internal Medicine Physician in adult internal medicalservices.
Provision of medical care within area of expertise in Internal MedicineDepartment and as internal medicine physician. Will also act asconsultant for complicated medical conditions for all specialties in thehospital and support in the ICU as needed
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