English Media Editor

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English Media Editor

Job Summary:
Do interviews and any form of liaison with healthcare professionals byEnglish, and edit/proof-read/polish the interview transcripts, any formof English scientific narratives, etc., which will be published innewspaper or new-media platforms.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
1. Attending medical conferences both within China and abroad (mostlyEurope and America), interviewing healthcare professionals onsite.
2. Liaisoning with foreign and domestic healthcare professionals for anyform of cooperation, i.e. article contribution, being presenters inacademic activities, etc.
3. Liaisoning with foreign and domestic institutions for cooperation incontinuing medical education.
4. Editing, proof-reading, and polishing the English interviewtranscripts (in general you don’t need transcribe the interviews byyourself”, any form of English scientific narratives, etc., which willbe published in newspaper or new-media platforms that belong to“International Medical Series Publication”

Education& Qualifications:
1. At least Bachelor Degree of Arts in English Language or having acertificate of TEM-8.
2. If having no English language degree or TEM-8 certificate, thenmust have an above 3 years overseas study experience
3. Proficiency in both spoken and written English
4. Good command of MS office software application

At least 1 years of working experience in advertising, public relationsand media companies.
  • 新闻采访,新闻学与传播学新闻业务

  • 硕士

  • 1-2年



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english media editor



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