HR Consultant 人力资源顾问-北京-01080

面议 北京 3-5年 本科 全职
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HR Consultant 人力资源顾问-北京-01080

1. • Bachelor level degree
2. • 8 years minimum working experience in HR functions
3. • English & Chinese language ability
4. • Computer skills: Windows, MS Office, Internet
5. • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective workingrelationships with employees and the public.
6. • Can work independently and take job initiative
7. • Fast learning skill
8. • Good communication and interpersonal skills
9. • Team spirit
10. • Good at organizing daily work
1. • In line with company development strategies and budget, makerecruiting plan and implement.
2. • Take full responsibilities of recruitment activities witheffectiveness and efficiency including position advertisement, CVpreparation, interview and assessment; offer negotiation, health checketc.
3. • Build up and maintain effective recruitment channels including butwithout limitation to newspaper, website, campus, labor market, etc.
4. • Candidates’ sourcing and talent pool creating to fill hiring needs,constantly improve quality.
5. • Make offer proposal and offer letter after identifying the finalcandidates.
6. • Work closely with functional departments to define or update jobdescription for new and current positions
7. • Arrange new employees’ orientation before onboard date.
8. • Support the implementation of the overall Learning &Development strategy, co-deliver learning solutions to contributors andbeginner audience to engage the learner, encourage participation, andproduce desired outcomes.
9. • Supports a learning environment with advance preparation,constructive feedback, and response to learner needs.
10. • Participate in optimizing and smoothing performance appraisalsystem under the direction of UFH concept
11. • Responsible for implementing the performance management program,organizing line departments to set performance objectives, doingperformance appraisals,
12. • Collect and summarize data for doing statistics analysis upon withperformance results, then give feedback or professional supports tomanagers.
13. • Participate in developing and recommending C&B programs,policy and procedures, monitor their effectiveness, so as to providecompetitive reward to employees as well as manage employment cost (SWB)effectively.
14. • Know better about the national and local labor-related laws andregulations, as well as policies of UFH, responsible for adapting,implementing them and giving consultation to customers, so as to makesure the operational practices comply with legal frames.
15. • Under HRM’s directions, participate and lead HR oriented projectwork when need, including process perfecting, employment controlling,training development and etc. give professional supports to linedepartments, so as to achieve project objectives.
16. • Collects and summarizes HRM related information to provide timelyand accurate comprehensive management reports, so as to help to both theline manager and the company to make sound decisions.
17. • Assisting HRM to draw up or adjust HR Annual Plan and help topractice.
Plans, organizes and directs all aspects of the clinic departments ofthe Hospital in employment, compensation, employee relations andperformance review.
United Family Hospitals & Clinics is a pioneering, internationalstandard healthcare organization in China, our sole mission is toprovide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warmand caring patient and family service-oriented environment.
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