UFHH-SHU Operations Manager/和睦家家庭医疗上海部运营经理-Shanghai-00334

面议 上海 3-5年 本科 全职
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UFHH-SHU Operations Manager/和睦家家庭医疗上海部运营经理-Shanghai-00334

目前共有 99 个求职者投递过该职位,相比他们你的综合竞争力排名为 99 名, 使用竞争力报告分析
1. • Develop, document, and implement workflows across the UFHHorganization, including but not limited to processes for:
2. o Booking and confirming appointments at UFHH
3. o Dispatching nurses for UFHH appointments, including routing
4. o Maintaining vehicles and scheduling drivers
5. o Entering information into TrackCare
6. o Responding to patient issues, complaints and suggestions
7. • Managing the day-to-day operational issues at UFHH
8. • Manage a small team of operations staff
9. • Constantly improve UFHH operations to make them more efficient andcustomer-friendly
10. • Work with marketing to combine UFHH visits with marketingopportunities
1. • Bachelor’s degree or above, master’s degree preferred
2. • Completely bilingual—Chinese and English
3. • References from previous employer
4. • Healthcare industry experience preferred
5. • Proactive, self-starter
6. • Excellent English
7. • Communication skills - written and verbal
8. • 3-5 years experience in operations and process management
Develop and implement overall operations for United Family Home Health,including logistics of home nursing visits, vehicle management, IToperations, and workflows within UFHH. Manage the day-to-day operationalaspects of UFHH.
  • 临床医学

  • 本科

  • 3-5年


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