Senior Patient Services & Relations Officer (Social Worker)-北京-01187

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Senior Patient Services & Relations Officer (Social Worker)-北京-01187


• Identify patient's/family's psychosocial concerns that affect patientcare management and interact with patient/family/interdisciplinary teamto facilitate the patient care process.
• Improve patient and/or family understanding of and adjustment to themedical diagnosis to maximize benefits of medical intervention andenhance patient/family functioning throughout the course of illness.Ensure that the patient/family is involved in all phases of the patientcare process.
• Provide short term crisis intervention counseling for patient/family.
• Participate in the provision of emotional support to thepatient/family during patient's hospital stay.
• Coordination of services for patients/families during admission withpatient services, nurses, treating doctor and physiological services(when needed)
• Maintain confidentiality and comply with professional ethics accordingto professional and Hospital standards.
• Facilitate discharge planning and acts as a liaison betweenindividual, family, and community.
• Assess patient's/family's adaptation to patient illness and ability toprovide for patient's care needs.
• Monitor, evaluate, and record patient’s progress according tomeasurable goals described in treatment and care plan.
• Be part of the multidisciplinary patient rounding
• Create agreements with adoption agencies in order to provide adoptioncheck up’s and adoption counseling to parents to be.
• Develop, organize and implement individual/group methods and whenclinically indicated, provides counseling/therapy for individuals andfamilies.
• Demonstrate positive interpersonal relations in dealing with allmembers of the team.
• Communicate and collaborate with the team to ensure that carecoordination needs of assigned patients are met without duplication ofefforts
• Maintain and promote customer satisfaction.
• Develop training sessions for the patient services team and workclosely on training sessions with the nursing education group for thenursing team
• Organize and perform work effectively and efficiently.
• Maintain and adjust schedule to enhance team performance. Flexibilitytake variety of shifts, including weekends based on the department need.
• Utilize critical thinking skills to achieve good outcomes
• Be alive to new ideas which could benefit the hospital and seekopportunities to continually improve the patient experience.
• Advocate for the patient to ensure quality outcomes.
• Assist patient services manager and director on projects and newinitiatives.
• Maintain good working relations and demonstrate positive interpersonalrelations with all departments and all hospital staff.
• Participate in the different initiatives going on in the hospital
• Attend meetings as required.
• Other tasks that are allotted by management.

Other duties performed

• Interact with patients with any issue ,answer patient inquires andassist patient when required with any issue

• Answer phone calls related to the patient services issues or help withany other requests ( Lab test results, medication refill ,billing issues, medical records copies .etc)

• Assist in scheduling appointments including all satellite clinics

• Maintain a thorough knowledge of hospital charges /discounts /packages/facilities /special events etc.

• Assist patients by booking airlines tickets ,hotel rooms and providingpatient and visitors with local knowledge they may request.

• Ensure that comments and complaints are properly logged and acted uponby trying to avoid any patient leaving the hospital dissatisfied.Solicit assistance from the Patient Services Manager or uppermanagement when needed .

• Communication and collaborate with the team to ensure that carecoordination needs of assigned patients are met without duplication ofefforts .

• Support and back up any duties preformed in the team as needed

• Bachelor level degree from an accredited college or university.Licensure at the LSW level
• 3-5 years related working experience


• Essential Technical/Motor Skills: Speaking clearly to communicate withpatients, families, physicians and staff regarding patient’s conditionand care. Must be able to communicate and be literate in the EnglishLanguage.
• Interpersonal Skills: Ability to develop positive interaction withpatients, families, physicians and staff to effectively treat patients.
• Essential Mental Abilities: Must be able to assess a patient’spsychosocial situation, recommend treatment plans while inpatient andreferral for outpatient psychology department for continuity of care.
• Select appropriate social work interventions, evaluate the patient’sresponse to treatment interventions and engage the patient in treatment.
• Essential Sensory Requirements: Ability to visually assess patientsand to utilize sight to implement and evaluate interventions.
• Computer literate: MS Office software, Windows system
• Team player
• Good problem solver and always positive attitude facing challenges

• Inpatient Social Worker experience
Summary of Responsibilities:
Assess the psychosocial functioning of patients and families. Providecrisis intervention. Coordinate patient discharge planning and identifyhigh risk psychosocial factors of patients/families that might impactdischarge planning and help hospital staff understand the influence ofthose factors upon the course of medical care. Produce trainingactivities for the department on crisis interventions.

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