ER Clerk 急诊科科室助理-上海-00426

面议 上海 经验不限 大专 全职
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ER Clerk 急诊科科室助理-上海-00426

1. Manage the ER telephone line and assist in screening incoming callswhen nurses are not available.
2. Register patients, pull and prepare medical records, X-ray films,bills etc.
3. Perform all clerical functions and duties.
4. Charge code entry into PIMS onto patient’s charge account.
5. Admit patients or prepare them for the Admissions Office.
6. Book appointment for patients who need follow up visit with anyclinic.
7. Maintain good communication among nurses, physician and allied healthprofessionals.
8. Any other duties as assigned.
1. Associate degree, higher education preferred. Nursing background ishighly preferred
2. Working experience in ER or health care organization is desirable
3. Good command of both English and Chinese.
4. Excellent customer service skill and good phone manner.
5. Able to handle multi-task and remain calm, patient, and in control;unshaken by medical scenarios (will be stationed in the ER); able toco-oriented. Caring in nature, but not a pushover.
6. Computer Skills-Proficient in basic computer skills including e-mail,MS programs.
Perform all clerical duties in the Emergency Room.
  • 护理学

  • 大专

  • 经验不限


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