Dental Hygienist 洁牙士-北京-01213

10,000-14,999 北京 经验不限 学历不限 全职
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Dental Hygienist 洁牙士-北京-01213

1. Scope of DH: (adult and pediatric patient)
2. Take peri-apical , Bite wing, occlusal, Panoramic, Ceph X-ray
3. Take vital signs, blood pressure and take medical history
4. intraoral soft tissue and exam including oral cancer screening
5. extra-oral head and neck region exam
6. oral hard tissue exam
7. periodontal exam, and full mouth charting
8. preliminary treatment plan
9. patient education in ALL aspect of dentistry for adult and children
10. take Alginate impression for Study model, ortho model, bleachingtray, space maintainer, night guard
11. perform supra-gingival scaling and sub-gingival scaling withcavitron, hand instrument
12. fabricate temporary crown, putting temporary restoration such as IRMor cavit to a non-vital tooth, mixing cement
13. pediatric prophy, fluoride treatment, sealant and home careinstruction
14. Procedures NOT permitted at this clinic at this time
15. give any type of local anesthetic injection to both adult andpediatric patient
16. give antibiotic and pain medication or any other prescriptionmedication.
17. No occlusal adjustment using high speed or low speed handpieces.
18. Impression for crown and bridge or final impression of any type forrestorative dentistry.
19. Establish Recall system

1. Knowledge Skills and Abilities-able to communicate with Englishspeaking patients;
2. Minimum Education Requirement- Bachelor degree
3. Minimum Experience Requirement-3 years of group practice
4. Certificate or Licensing Needed –Dental Hygienist licensed
  • 口腔医学

  • 学历不限

  • 经验不限


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