Clinical Research Scientist, Phase-I Study

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Clinical Research Scientist, Phase-I Study

Position Title: Clinical Research Scientist (Phase-I Study)
Location: Shanghai, China

Job Purpose:
Through the application of scientific training and clinical training andexpertise, the Development Clinical Research Scientisit participates in:
the development, conduct and reporting of corporate/global clinicaltrials in support of registration and commercialization of the product;
the immplementation of the global clinical trials;
the reporting of adverse events as mandated by corporate patient safety;
the reviewing process for portocals, study reports, publications anddata dissemination for products, new and updated labels, documents andtools supporting prodcut pricing, reimbursement, and access, grantsubmission and contracts;
Contacts with regulatory and other governmental agencieis;
Outreach medical activies aimed at external clinical suxtomer community,including thought leaders;
the development and implementation of business unit and global strategyfor the product;
and various medical activities in support of demand realization.
The Clinical Research Scientist (CRS) serves as a scientific resourcefor study team, departments, and others as needed.

The CRS must be aware of and ensure that all their activities are incomplice with current local and international regulations, laws,guidances, Good Clinical Practices (GCPs), company standards, Lillypolicies and procedures, company integrity agreements as applicable, andthe Principles of Medical Research and activities are aligned with themedical vision.

Core Job Responsibilities:
Clinical Planning;
Clinical Research / Trial Execution and Support;
Scientific Data Dissermination/Exchange;
Regulatory Supports activities;
Business/Customer support (pre and post launch support);
Scientific/Technical Expertise and continued developmen.

General Responsibilities:
Actively set and meet induvidual professional development goals andcontribute to the development of others.
Support the management team, including the senior Medical Directors inpreparation and administration of the business unit development budget.
Actively participate in recruitment, diversity and retention efforts.
Collaborate proactively and productively with all allicance, businessand vendors.
Participate in active coaching by providing timely and constrcutivefeedback to co-workers, others on the medical team, in the spirit ofdevelopment, increase team effectiveness and cohesiveness.
Participate in committees, Six Sigma initiatives and task forces asrequested by local and coporate management.
Ensures that all times in adequately qualified and trained in the tasksrequired to perform. Includes accountability and compliance formaintaining a current curriculum training map for self.
Model the leadership behaviors.
Be an ambassador of both patients and Lilly Brand.
  • 临床药学,基础医学药理学

  • 博士

  • 1-2年

  • 中级


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