Dental Nurse 牙科护士-上海长宁-00886

面议 上海 经验不限 大专 全职
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Dental Nurse 牙科护士-上海长宁-00886

• Professionalism and positive work attitude
• Ensure all the required equipment and instruments are available andfunctional well
• Assist dentist for dental procedures
• Provides total patient care in accordance to the dentist’s orders andindividual patient needs in conformance with standards of nursingpractice.
• Observes and documents pertinent information that reflects thepatient’s clinical condition, with respect to the entire human being.
• Reports the same to oncoming nurses, charge nurses and dentists.
• Maintains accurate and complex records of nursing observations andcare.
• Performs or supervises treatment and administers medications asrequired.
• Conducts team conferences and assumes responsibility for keepingplans, implementation and evaluations of nursing care current.
• Actively participates in, patient and/or family teaching,appropriately documents activity and response to instructions.
• Cooperates in maintaining a high level of order, safety and strictcontrol over narcotics and other dangerous drugs.
• Institutes emergency procedures in the absence of a dentist to offsetlife threatening situations; maintains the defined institution’spolicies and procedures.
• Keeps abreast of current nursing trends and continuing educationopportunities.

• Minimal Education Requirement—above college degree in nursing
• Minimal experience Requirement- 5years working experience in nursing,2 years oversea nursing experience preferred; Above 2 years dentalspecialty nursing experience preferred
• Licensing Needed- Registered nurse license in China.
• Adequate communication skills in English and Chinese
• Adequate dental nursing skills based on clinical needs
  • 护理学

  • 大专

  • 经验不限






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