International Site Doctor 国际现场医生- 00232

面议 国外 3-5年 本科 全职
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International Site Doctor 国际现场医生- 00232

Work location:
- Worldwide (assigned by the company)

Key Responsibilities:
- To provide primary medical care on site to the client and others asagreed;
- To provide appropriate emergency medical/trauma response and carewhich includes the preparation and management of emergency evacuationsof client personnel as directed by International SOS Coordinating Doctorand as per existing International SOS procedures;
- Assessment and immediate treatment of serious illness or injuryincluding assessment, treatment, and regular follow up of all casesuntil complete resolution;
- Responsible for Health and Wellness Promotion to the site workforceand Emergency preparedness;
- Managing Site Client’s in-house facility;
- Ensure quality of services and delivery is according to InternationalSOS standards;
- Quality Audits and writing relevant report;
- Client Interface & Community Program;
- Additional administrative duties on-site.

Qualifications & Requirements:
- Bachelor or above degree in Clinical Medicine and more than 3 yearsclinical medicine experience;
- Hold clinical medicine license or Public Health license;
- Good GP and ER practice skill is preferred;
- Confident, team work and good customer service altitude;
- Good command of English and Chinese, both speaking and writing.
- Proficient computer user, good command of Microsoft Office Suite

Work Shift, Compensation, Benefit:
For our staff who are assigned to work abroad, we will follow theinternational standard rotation schedule – 8 weeks’ work and 8 weeks’paid vacation. Travelling between staff’s home and work site will bearranged by the company, and the company will afford all travellingexpenditures (including flight tickets, hotel, meal, etc.).
On a monthly basis, compensation will be paid in USD($) in the form ofhourly rate. Benefits are managed according to International SOS globalstandard.

- 全球(具体工作国家和地点由公司指派)

- 为项目现场的工作人员提供院前及全科医疗服务
- 病人从项目现场到当地医院的急救转运
- 急救培训及健康医疗知识普及
- 管理项目现场诊所

- 临床医学五年制本科及以上学历;三年及三年以上临床经验
- 持有医师执业证书、医生资格证书
- 具有团队合作精神和良好的服务态度
- 良好的中文和英语交流能力,愿意在国际化公司环境工作
- 熟练使用电脑,包括微软办公软件

  • 临床医学

  • 本科

  • 3-5年



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