Emergency Room Physician 急诊医生

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Emergency Room Physician 急诊医生

Patient care
Take history and perform physical exams assessments and treatment ofpatients in the Emergency Department (including urgent, emergent, andnon-urgent presentation).
Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as deemed necessary andappropriate for plan of care.
Define/document differential diagnoses and list differential diagnoseswith most likely diagnosis indicated. Document adequately forcommunication with future care givers and to allow appropriate billing.
Assist in billing and coding functions.
Participate in education and training including medical and nursingstaff.
Participate in hospital administrative functions as appropriateincluding membership on at least one committee.
Participate in community events coordinated by Beijing United Hospital.
Follow bylaws and policy and procedure of Beijing United FamilyHospital.

The staff member MUST hold a medical degree from an internationallyrecognized medical institution.
The staff member should ideally hold specialist Emergency MedicineQualifications, but if this is not the case, at least five (5) years ofEmergency Medicine experience at internationally recognized andaccredited institutions.
The staff member should be registered in his or her home country andshould also possess licensing with the Beijing Medical Board.
Has the necessary skills and experience to examine, diagnose, and treatillnesses and injuries in the acute care setting for both the adult andpediatric population.
Provides immediate diagnosis and resuscitation care for life-threateningconditions, and directs the provision of such care in the prehospitalsetting as that is possible.
Provides diagnosis and care on the basis of medical history, physicalexamination, and diagnostic tests.
Provides supportive care to patients with serious medical and surgicalconditions until the care of that patient can be assumed by theappropriate specialist for that condition.
Provides definitive or interim care for conditions that, while notlife-threatening, cause discomfort or risk of worsening or can be takencare of in that visit.
Has the experience and training to justify medical staff certificationin the standard emergency department procedures.
The staff member should possess a knowledge base equivalent to aninternationally accredited Emergency Physician.
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