Dietitian 营养师

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Dietitian 营养师

•Work as a member of the healthcare team
•Be actively involved in hospital committees as they pertain to his/herprofessional practice
•Provides comprehensive nutritional care while maintaining high qualityservice standards to our patients
•Provides nutritional screening & assessment of patients forappropriate nutrition intervention
•In accordance with physician orders, develop individualized nutritioncare plans based on patient's age, sex, diagnosis, cultural background,pain level, preferences, & religious practices
•Conducts audits &/or menu reviews, & ensures patient menus orsupplemental feedings meet nutritional requirements & physician'sorders for individual patients to include size, age, gender, culturalbackgrounds, preferences, diagnosis, pain level, & religiouspractices
•Develops meal plans to meet the member's lifestyle
•Documents in the medical records as appropriate
•Coordinates activities w/ the food service department to ensure quality& accuracy of the food served to the patients
•Writes assessments, implements nutritional care plans, & followsthe care & progress of the patients per protocol
•Conducts quality assurance audits & participates in committees& meetings to receive & report information
•Assists in compiling audit information & standard setting
•Provide feedback to Division Food & Clinical Nutrition Servicesstaff for menu modifications & revision
•May mentor, assist, review, assign, correct, organize and/or coordinatethe work of new employees, students, and interns
•Contribute to evaluating and improving the quality of care provided bydeveloping pathways and clinical guidelines in a collaborative manner
•Respond to patient complaints in a timely manner

•Post Graduate studies in nutrition
•Current registration w/ the Commission on Dietetic Registry (CDR) ingood standing (or RD eligible)
•English language proficiency
•Computer literacy – Microsoft Office Suite, Internet usage
•Excellent organizational skills
•Experience treating outpatients and inpatients
•Cultural sensitivity
•Strong communication, interpersonal, & customer service skills
•Collaboration & problem solving skills required
•Knowledge of clinical competencies based on Nutrition Care Standards ofthe American Dietetic Association & American Society for Parenteral& Enteral Nutrition
•Knowledge of the Joint Commission requirements
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