Ophthalmologist 眼科医师

面议 北京 经验不限 学历不限 全职
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Ophthalmologist 眼科医师

1. Provide up-to-date and evidence based medicine to patients in EyeClinic
2. Perform complete physical exams and assessments and providetreatments to patients in Eye Clinic
3. Respond to medical consultations in the hospital
4. Perform eye surgery and procedures
5. Admit acutely ill patient or post-op patients as needed.
6. Receive patients from the physician going off duty
7. Order and perform tests and procedures to augment physical findings
8. Interpret data and diagnostic results for appropriate course ofaction
9. Collect information and organize medical documents
10. Promptly respond to any calls from the Nursing staff and ER
11. Help with medical development programs of Eye Clinic, such asdevelop rules, training plans and QI monitoring systems for hospitalistprograms etc
12. Participate in community events coordinated by Beijing UnitedHospital
13. Refer patient to other specialists if necessary
14. Undertake education and clinical research in BJU
15. Other responsibility signed by chair of Eye Clinic.

1. Medical doctor degree with at least 5 year of clinical training in a3A hospital or eye hospital in China or a western training equivalent
2. Attending physician or above
3. Capable of refraction preferred
4. Excellent interpersonal skills
5. Fluent English and good communication skills
  • 学历不限

  • 经验不限






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