Senior Research Fellow/副研究员

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Senior Research Fellow/副研究员

About The George Institute

The George Institute for Global Health is an internationalnot-for-profit health research organization devoted to finding solutionsfor the major health challenges facing populations worldwide andespecially disadvantage populations in both higher and lower incomecountries. The George Institute was established 15 years ago and isheadquartered in Sydney, Australia. It has annual revenues of about $50million and employs more than 400 individuals across its facilities inthe Australia, China, India and the UK. In each of these countries theInstitute has a primary academic partner; in Australia it is theUniversity of Sydney; in China it is the Peking University HealthScience; in India it is the University of Hyderabad and in the UK it isthe University of Oxford. All these academic partners are world-classresearch-based universities. The George Institute’s global research anddevelopment program is focused around four main themes: Chronic andCritical Conditions; Injury Frailty and Disability; HealthcareInnovation; and Health of Disadvantaged Populations. For the past threeyears, the Institute has been independently ranked as one of the top tenresearch organizations in the world, in terms of the impact of itsresearch.

The George Institute for Global Health at Peking University HealthScience Center, China

The George Institute for Global Health has been conducting research andrelated activities in China since 2002. The George Institute wasestablished as a separate wholly owned legal entity in China in 2007.The George Institute’s mission in China mirrors that of the globalorganization, namely the discovery and implementation of solutions tochronic and disabling health problems through research, policydevelopment and capacity building. The George Institute in China has aninstitutional affiliation with Peking University Health Science Center.The George Institute in China, located in Beijing, comprises two mainoperating groups: Research and Development and Infrastructure andResources. In addition, a social enterprise of the George Institute forGlobal Health - George Clinical – is co-located with The GeorgeInstitute China. George Clinical is focused on the delivery of clinicaltrial programmes for both the Institute and for commercial sponsors andreports to an executive team in Sydney. Together, these groups overseethe conduct of a number of large-scale projects in China, funded by adiverse group of sponsors, both public and private. Currently there areabout 70 employees working for both organizations, with additional staffcontracted on individual projects.

China Center for mHealth Innovation

The China Center for mHealth Innovation (CCmHI) is a new initiativedeveloped by The George Institute in partnership with QualcommIncorporated, through its Wireless Reach™ initiative (the FoundingPartners). The initiative draws on the Institute’s global experience inthe development and evaluation of innovative digital tools to supporthealthcare providers and consumers in emerging economies, includingChina. It also draws on Qualcomm Wireless Reach’s broad experience inthe design, development and financing of digital healthcare solutions inthe US and other established markets (TBC). The CCmHI would beaffiliated with Peking University, through The George Institute China,which is a formal affiliate with of the Peking University Health ScienceCenter.

The principal purpose of the CCmHI is to develop, evaluate and implementinnovative digital tools to improve the quality of healthcare in China.Such tools provide a particularly powerful means to improve communityhealthcare, which remains underdeveloped and of highly variable quality.With the rapid expansion of mobile internet connectivity across China,the potential exists for sophisticated clinical decision support systemsto provide healthcare workers with evidence-based, personalized guidanceabout the care of individual patients attending community medicalfacilities. Such systems can be linked to a range of electronic healthrecords, as well as a range of point-of-care diagnostics. Consumerapplications providing tools for self-care can also be provided.Importantly, secure data transfer to a central server enables thequality and outcomes of care to be continuously monitored and managed byregional health authorities. This development would be directly relevantto the Chinese Government’s healthcare reform program, as outlined inChina’s 12th Five Year Plan.

The CCmHI has three main initial priorities:

 To build and evaluate a bespoke digital healthcare platform for use inChinese primary healthcare settings. In the first instance, the platformwould target the management of 10 leading causes of premature death anddisability. The initial focus could include urban centers (particularlyBeijing), as well as rural areas in which The George has existingoperations. The platform would include provider components, consumersupport tools, as well others (such as quality control) designed forhealth care authorities. A landscape analysis of digital healthpolicies, laws, standards, programs and research activities in Chinawill be done to inform the platform development based on The George’sSMART Health platform with appropriate modifications for use in China.

 To build Chinese capacity in digital healthcare development andevaluation. This would include opportunities for student internships andfellowships. It could also include the eventual development of a PekingUniversity-based Master program and/or executive education program indigital healthcare. Additionally, possibilities exist for the enrolmentof exceptional graduates in doctoral research programs at PekingUniversity, the University of Sydney or the University of Oxford (threeuniversities with which The George Institute has formal affiliations).

 To advocate through appropriate channels for the incorporation ofmobile health strategies in Chinese national policies and guidelines. Inparallel with its research program, the CCmHI will develop a policy andadvocacy program aimed at supporting integration and scale-up ofeffective affordable digital healthcare technologies. This would includesocial media programs, as well as direct engagement with stakeholdersincluding government, professional societies and the corporate sector.It could also include workshops on recent developments in digital healthfor Chinese government officials and other key stakeholders. For thepast five years, The George Institute China has run workshops for theNational Health and Family Planning Commission (previously the Ministryof Health) on a range of key topics relevant to healthcare policy. Theseworkshops could be extended to include officials from other relevantministries and commissions such as those responsible for technology,communications and the financing of healthcare.

The role

The successful appointee will support the CCmHI director to build andevaluate the digital healthcare platform to deal with the leading 10health problems in China. Specific responsibilities include literaturereview, stakeholder communication, platform structure analysis, functionmodule description, drafting algorithm in plain language, accuracy testtogether with software engineer, pilot test among users, study designand implementation of scaled clinical trials. The appointee will alsotake part in potential digital healthcare capacity development andadvocacy program, and will be expected to contribute to publications,media reports and other outputs related to mHealth in China andinternationally.

The appointee would report to the director of CCmHI and would receiveacademic and technical supervision from relevant George Institute anduniversity faculty.

• Master’s or higher degree in medicine or biomedical engineering.
• Great enthusiasm and at least one year experience in digital or mobilehealth.
• Excellent English and Mandarin - both oral and written communicationskills.
• Excellent communication (written and verbal) and negotiation skills
To apply

Send a CV, focusing on research background, in English and Chinese, & withthe subject of “RF Application to CCmHI”
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